It has been a common tactic for marketing companies – and not only – alike to simple schedule their tweets, post them several times on many different profiles and also retweet them across their managed networks in a form of cross-posting. Well, Twitter is having none of that any longer.

Twitter’s spam bot issue isn’t new, but it came to a head when it was revealed a few months ago that thousands of Russian accounts (also known as troll accounts) used the platform to influence the 2016 Presidential elections in the United States of America. Now, the company has announced new developer guidelines and a set of rigorous changes designed to prohibit automated actions and to make it harder for “tweetdeckers” to flood the social network. Starting on March 23rd, 2018, apps will need to be able to prevent bulk tweeting or face “enforcement action, up to and including the suspension of associated applications and accounts.”

Twitter has traditionally been against spam and had anti-spam rules in place but nonetheless, this new directive clearly indicates they are strong willed about this and will do their utmost to “clean up” their platform. It hence specifically clarifies all “do’s and don’t’s” on their website such as for example the fact that apps shouldn’t permit a user to tweet out the same content or a substantially similar one to multiple accounts. In addition, they shouldn’t allow people to use several accounts to like or retweet a post and to follow a user all at the same time. To prevent bot tweets from going viral, Twitter is also banning apps that can be used to post very similar content with a specific hashtag across multiple accounts. Users aren’t allowed to post multiple updates to a trending topic with the intent of inflating its prominence, as this is also a common occurrence creating trending hashtags that are more..manufactured that organic.

The platform is also modernising and updating Tweetdeck in order for it to better reflect the new guidance and to show that it’s serious in implementing its rules. Tweetdeck users will no longer be able to bulk tweet, retweet, like or follow using several accounts at the same time.

How will the above influence or affect your marketing strategy? Are the above perhaps tactics you also used to inflate your audience and awareness?

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