work experience


Getting work experience can be tricky! It’s an over-saturated market, full of graduates and current students grappling for a chance at some real job experience.  But how can you stand out and manage to nab some all-important, real work experience?  Number 1: Stand out. Marketing is about the unusual and the wacky. How else will a product stand to? So remember to stand out as a person. A plain CV? Boring. A CV locked inside a box of sweets? Very interesting. Do you catch my drift? Align your approach to the company!  Number 2: Get in there early! We can’t stress this enough. You need to apply and contact companies in off-peak times, not when lectures have started and everyone is suddenly applying because they’ve moved to the city. If you’ll be attending university in September, why not contact in June and July when everyone is on a holiday…