times to post


Most of us (especially business owners) are now fully aware of Facebook Marketing and Advertising “powers” and hence have created our pages, invited our friends and colleagues to like them and also socially promoted them on our website, LinkedIn and other profiles. Knowing the best times to post your content however, is another matter which has now become a prerequisite when one is looking to increase his traffic and engagement. A multitude of studies have shown that user engagement such as liking posts, sharing, commenting and sending a direct message, tends to be the highest on Friday when the majority of the public are in a “relaxed state” as it is the end of the week. Fridays contribute to 17% of all comments, 16% of likes and 16% of shares. According to ‘The Content Marketing Paradox’ – a report produced and published by TrackMaven, over 1.5 million Facebook posts from 6000 brands showed…