For social media lovers, finding great apps can be hard! Often apps will bombard you with adverts or produce sub-par results. Here are 5 apps that you can download, both paid and free, to up your social media game. Unfold – As mentioned in one of our previous posts, this handy app is (mostly) free and allows anyone, from businesses to personal accounts to create stunningly simple, yet impressive stories. From Primark to Topshop, lots of huge brands are using the software to simplify their content. You can export straight from the app to Instagram or save content separately. It’s so simple to use that even the most clueless social media beginner can harness the easy steps! Afterlight – At only £2.99, this app is stunningly simple to use. It comes with the standard and basic features such as brightness, contrast and warmth, but additionally it offers extra, paid for filters that…