It is something most bloggers, photographers, social media fanatics and many other professionals hope to achieve one day. Get a big, recognised and well established brand to work with them. However, it may sound a lot easier that it actually is.
As an agency, we have vast experience of working with companies and brands of all sizes so let’s have a look at 4 useful tips on how you can generate and attract interest whilst staying true to yourself.
A Good Following
You don’t need 100,000 followers or Kylie Jenner’s obsessive fan base, but having a good readership on your blog or social media is always a good idea. As a digital marketing agency, we look for engagement as well as likes and comments. We don’t instantly select someone for their 15,000 followers. We will have a look and see what the comments are like, what your followers seem to engage the best with – so that we’re not choosing a blogger who does the best fashion posts for our food client. Everything needs to fit.
Consistent Style
It can be hard to place what a collaboration might look like on your page if all of your photos chop and change constantly. For fashion posts, street style, portrait-style photography is preferred. If you’re a make-up blogger, flat-lays and make-up looks can be a good choice over portrait photography. Challenge yourself to make your theme look consistent – it’s hard, but when your profile looks impressive, we will always want to work with you before someone who has a more messy and inconsistent theme.
Realistic Budget
It’s obviously important to factor-in your costs, as with any freelance job. For example, travelling to your shoot location, your time, a photographers time.. but keep your prices realistic! If a brand have a budget, you don’t want to scare them off and charge £600 for one Instagram photo when you have 10,000 followers. Always enquire what kind of budget a brand have and be approachable about your rates! Sometimes relationships with brands can pay off more in the long run.
Build Relationships with Agencies
If you want to get noticed, send a polite e-mail introducing yourself and let them know what you’re about. Beauty? Lifestyle? Food? It’s good to carve out a niche for yourself so that we can add you to a list for future collaborations. Also, always include a media kit.
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