Facebook’s new influencer marketing search engine is almost here, and it could change everything. The official name of this tool is the Branded Content Matching search engine.

Forget the Kardashians – the new and best advertising for a brand is influencer advertising, and a brief look into Facebook’s new Influencer Marketing platform has revealed some interesting things in the pipeline for this form of advertising.

Originally leaked by AllFacebook.de, the company are looking to get involved in influencer marketing. And quite rightly so – their social media platform is a huge part of the business, and now they’re cashing in on it.

They will launch a search engine to find the perfect social influencer for your needs. It’s part of a bid to get bloggers and influencers using Facebook more, instead of competitor sites. It will work alongside brands, PRs and influencers to monetise pages and profiles with influence.

If you are wanting to find an influencer to work with, you will be able to search by gender, education, country… or even home ownership status! This means that it will be easier than ever to target customers or new audiences. The search engine will make it incredibly streamlined and change the way that brands can create lucrative partnerships that really do provide a quality return on investment.

The site already introduced ad-breaks on videos for creators, so this is the logical next step for the company, not to mention influencers too. But you’ll have to wait for Instagram influencers to be added to the feature, as Facebook have no plans for that yet, which is in line with their hopes for Facebook to become a more lucrative and appealing platform for bloggers once again.

We’re not surprised at this new feature. This could be one of the most powerful search engines in the industry – and its no surprise. It is coming from Facebook, after all. It could totally change how digital marketing agencies are run.

What do you think about this new feature?

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