Who are we?

CFM Group is a full-service digital marketing agency that works with companies, brands, authors and mission-driven thought leaders to advance ideas that matter. From digital PR campaigns to dynamic new websites and eye-catching design to social media strategy and campaigns, we bring every aspect of the process under one roof so that our clients benefit from a single, integrated approach.

We are a full-service digital marketing agency that builds, engages and influences communities responsibly using social media, digital marketing, eye catching website, SEO, media/public relations and advertising. Have a look at our portfolio for more details or simply drop us an email with your query, request or requirements !

Why this Blog?

This blog is not an ego trip. It is the blog of a team, not of a lonely nut. It illustrates our belief in shared leadership,helping and growing collectively, as well as our wish to have fun at work. We think that keeping things simple is as important as to walk before talking. So we simply put on line what we think is worth sharing, mostly linked to our vision: adding value through smart Marketing solutions.









Our market-leading Blog / Newsletter is an invaluable source for Digital, Marketing, Social Media and E-Commerce analysis. We hope it provides inspiration and learning for companies and brands of all size as well as individuals of all experience. We try to keep our advice fun, simple, clear, easy to implement and understand and off course effective.

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