For social media lovers, finding great apps can be hard! Often apps will bombard you with adverts or produce sub-par results. Here are 5 apps that you can download, both paid and free, to up your social media game.

Unfold – As mentioned in one of our previous posts, this handy app is (mostly) free and allows anyone, from businesses to personal accounts to create stunningly simple, yet impressive stories. From Primark to Topshop, lots of huge brands are using the software to simplify their content. You can export straight from the app to Instagram or save content separately. It’s so simple to use that even the most clueless social media beginner can harness the easy steps!

Afterlight – At only £2.99, this app is stunningly simple to use. It comes with the standard and basic features such as brightness, contrast and warmth, but additionally it offers extra, paid for filters that can add textures, light leaks and filters to photos to create polaroid-esque photos that really stand out.

Facetune – If your wall is a yellow cream colour, and you’re craving the bright and white of a swanky London apartment, look no further than Facetune. This app offers skin smoothing, patch tools and other handy alterations for days when you have a zit. It is the best and most popular app if you’re not paying out for Photoshop, or aren’t confident using it. The app costs £5 (one-time purchase) and is the perfect on-the-go solution for alterations and editing.

Hype Type – Alike to Unfold, this app offers swanky text features in the form of moving and animated words and sentences over your photo. It is simple to use, but there are limitations – you have to pay for the good fonts, and the colours aren’t hugely helpful. It’s a limiting app, but it’s worth downloading if you don’t mind simple fonts.

InShot – For the video lovers out there, InShot is a handy and FREE app to edit videos. You can add music, crop, duplicate and edit to your hearts content, without an unsightly watermark on the video. It’s one of the better video-editing apps out there and it doesn’t take long to master.

What is your favourite photo or video app?

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