Influencer” – a word with a lot of confusion surrounding it! But to put it simply, it’s just a generic term for people on Instagram who aren’t technically bloggers, but are making the same money, with the same passion for what they do – just in a very different way. I have been an “influencer” for a while and made a decent amount of money recommending products to my following, which has been super helpful throughout university!

From lesser-known brands to the huge ballers in beauty and skincare – I have worked with a huge variety of them, and at this stage, I know quite a few ins and outs as I’ve been blogging for around 3 years.

Stand Out –  The higher the following, the more the influencer will often get away with quicker and lesser quality sponsored content, like flat-lays or basic selfies holding a product and smiling. You might want to take a photo using the product to stand out to a brand who might have doubts about working with a smaller influencer. It sucks, but it’s the truth. Add the extra effort and you’re much more likely to have your content accepted by a brand.

Never Be Afraid of Rejection – Reaching out is scary, and so is submitting content on apps such as Indahash. But don’t be afraid of a “This isn’t right for us” from a brand. Sometimes, they just spent their budget on someone with a higher quality photo using the product – they will obviously go for the best content at the best price, as with any generic ad campaign.

Ask For Samples – on apps where brands expect you to pay for the product first, be wary and ask for samples if you can. I have wasted both time and money before being completely ignored by brands who I’ve created beautiful content for. It sucks when you lose out on both your time and money, but this is a new industry and we just need to suck it up a little while influencer marketing kinks are ironed out. You won’t always get samples, but it doesn’t hurt to ask. If you can absorb the cost of the product or incorporate some of it into your fee, do this too.

Money Talk – Do not expect money from sponsored content to pay your bills on time. Seriously. You might not believe me now, but if you’re used to working 9-5 and getting paid every month on the 13th… Well, you’re in for a shock. Influencer marketing platforms are always insanely slow at paying up for your content and time. I have been waiting on a payment from March/April… and it’s August 2018 right now… Yup. It can be that slow on some platforms.

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