Running a business is tricky… But using social media to boost your brand can be confusing at times. Here are some very quick tips and ideas for your business, brand or product social channel if you’re new to running your Instagram account as a new business owner, or an #Instanewbie! Whether or not you’re running a page around a food establishment or a skincare cream, some of these quick and easy fundamental basics will work for anyone.

Your photos need to look cohesive. There are some great stock photo agencies out there these days; gone are the days of “Man falls over” – We’re welcoming ultra-niche stock photos for business’ and creatives with all different colour schemes. Try Haute Stock as your first port of call to build some ideas around what stock images could work for you.

Reposting your customer’s images builds a personal connection
It also provides great content! Just remember to credit who you’re reposting, as it’s polite and industry standard. Check out Makeup Geek‘s Instagram page for an idea of how to build a great feed based around re-posting customer content.

Create your own! The CFM hashtag #CreativeFearlessMarketing is diverse enough to be used by any creative, but also builds a distinct brand awareness. Aim for something along those lines and encourage followers to share their images underneath this hashtag.

Some ideas:

#CustomerKudos – Reposting a photo of a customer using/with the product.
Example: #Skinfluential – Used by skincare giant Kiehls, but diverse enough to attract other photos and users!
Make sure you have a variety of content on the feed. Don’t just upload quotes. Followers want variety and will get bored very quickly if your profile is the same thing over and over again. Think about the kind of content that you could upload – quotes on a Monday, or a Customer ‘selfie’ on a Friday? Target content toward the time of the week – the weekend posts can be funny and laid-back, but perhaps choose Monday for an inspiring quote or photo!
What tip would you add to this list? We can’t wait to see how your social profiles grow using these quick and easy tips.
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