Pinterest is an amazing tool to use in order to get your blog posts, products, brand or simply your own face out there. It’s a really unique social media platform, as unlike Twitter or Facebook, 80% of the content is recycled. A ‘Chicken Thai Curry’ recipe can be re-pinned 10,000 times and then another 100,000 times – this is what makes it such a good platform for business owners! Nothing is ever ‘old’ on the site.


Be Organised

To start with, your account needs to be very organised. Your profile needs to stand out to people when they click on it. Try to organise your boards into niches – so no ‘House’ boards with a post from every single room – no way! Create ‘Kitchen’, ‘Bedroom’, ‘Bathroom’ .. You get the idea. People love to binge-pin from those very specific boards and it can also make for your profile to look very professional and polished. 

Note: These are examples. Apply appropriate categories for your business. Perhaps “Cocktails” or “Chicken Dishes” for a restaurant, or “Handbags” or “Shoes” for a clothing store.

Be Professional

Get a business account in order to track your content. Figure out what works best and go from there. Analytics will allow you to set up paid/promoted posts, too. It’s very important to use the numbers to work out what to upload or promote next. Trying new things is easy when you can track how many repins a photo has.

Don’t be afraid to recycle your content

Recycle your own content – As previously mentioned, 80% of Pinterest is recycled. You don’t need to be afraid to re-pin your own posts – in fact, some Pinterest users join collaborative boards and re-pin their own content once a week. You have to ‘keep the cycle moving’.

Focus on Quality

Quality – Make sure that your profile only uploads and re-pins high-quality imagery. Low-quality photography or stock imagery of your product will not make the cut, and ultimately get ignored. Make sure your time is well-spent.


Pinterest is most definitely a network for all and certainly not for all businesses but can be very useful for specific industries. Tell us how you use Pinterest (or perhaps the reason why you do not). We’d love to hear all about it!

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