Digital marketing is an ever-evolving industry, with innovative studies, reports and “best practices” published seemingly every day. Some of the top bloggers, from Neil Patel to Jeff Bullas, offer cutting-edge digital marketing techniques and dedicate their lives to mastering this in-demand discipline.

To truly understand and stay on top of the internet world, individuals would have to scour hundreds of blogs and attend top industry events around the world. This is both time-consuming and costly. Most businesses simply do not have the resources or capacity. Mastering the top digital marketing topics can drive revenue and improve brand awareness. The question becomes, is there a way to understand the most pertinent topics to drive business growth?


The Detroit Regional Chamber’s digital marketing team has scoured the internet and listened intently to the top digital marketing conversations to bring together the four most important topics for 2018.

The New Facebook Algorithm

In January, Facebook changed its news feed algorithm, throwing the digital world into a frenzy. Some bloggers believed it was merely a ploy for more advertising dollars, while others lauded the change in the name of more meaningful and engaging social media content. Nearly every blog has posted about the new algorithm, providing its own take on the constantly-evolving social network.

Online Reputation Management

Online reviews have existed for decades. Since the dawn of the internet, people could rate purchases and companies on their websites, chat rooms, forums or early social networks. But now, online reviews are much more organized and widely utilized – something that was not the case in the early 2000s. Ninety-two percent of consumers report reading online reviews before making a purchase, a number that has grown every year since online reviews became commonplace. In addition, 40 percent of consumers will form an opinion on a product or business based on as few as three separate reviews. This applies to both B2B and B2C companies, meaning all industries should look at their online reputation.

Influencer Marketing

Made popular by Instagram, Snapchat and YouTube, brands have started using social media to promote events through community influencers. From Instagram models to YouTube sensations, influencer marketing has become a popular and effective form of marketing to consumers. This topic has been trending for years, but traditional business still has not grasped its importance or effectiveness in the marketplace. If you do not think celebrities can impact a business, consider Snapchat’s struggles in the wake of a single Kylie Jenner tweet.

How to Invest in Digital Marketing Resources

The idea of investing digital marketing resources is largely a function of the three aforementioned digital marketing topics – it would be difficult for one person to handle a major business’s online reputation, manage a network of influencers, and stay abreast of the latest social media algorithm changes. However, companies have options when it comes to investing in digital marketing resources. Marketing agencies provide full digital marketing management packages so companies do not have to worry about anything online. On the other hand, a business may also choose to promote from within or hire interns to keep a close eye on digital properties. Both sides provide pros and cons. It simply depends on the company’s needs.

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