It may have sounded somewhat..odd a few years ago but Live-tweeting is kind of like note-taking, only it’s online, collective, and interactive and its very common and popular for big and small brands alike nowadays. When you hear a great quote from a speaker, or “tweetable tip” (as in, a key piece of dvice that can be abbreviated to less than 140 characters), all you have to do is type it up in a tweet and ship it out to the world. Your followers will see the tweet, and so will everyone following the event hashtag — and people can retweet, favorite, or reply to you.

For attendees and organizers alike, live-tweeting has become a fixture at most live events, webinars, conferences meetups and lectures. Companies nowadays even hire people specifically to broadcast their event live to their masses of fans and followers online.

First, let’s have a quick look on some tips in regards to How you can actually Tweet a live. Have a look at the quick guide below.

So, you now know how to tweet a live event but what should you actually tweet? How do you get the most impact when its a well watched event around the globe?

Do not sell, Celebrate!

One of the first key steps is to make sure you embrace the atmosphere of the event whether that be the Super Bowl,  Oscars or Grammy Awards. Make sure your Tweets are focused around the event or activity, team, or person at the center of the moment. During major live events, people want to be entertained while feeling like they’re part of something big, so take care to communicate your brand in a subtle way whilst allowing them to also feel like part of the experience.

Include the main #Hashtag in all your tweets!

Most live events tend to trend with one or two hashtags and hence it is vital you include these in all your tweets. Whether it is #WorldCup or simply #RioOlympics you may think it does not matter which hashtag you use while tweeting about the Olympic Games this summer, but it does (and it’s #Rio2016, for the record).

Make sure you know what the official hashtag is, as well as any other hashtags that may come into play. If you’re creating a hashtag for an event you’re hosting, remember to keep it short and easy for people to retweet. Make it easy to remember and be sure to check if anyone is using it already. and think of ways to amplify your reach through it.

Keep engaging and interacting with your audience!

Chances are, people will still be tweeting about your event when it’s over and sometimes for days after that.  They might have questions about where to find session recordings, specific interviews, or they  simply may wish to comment or review the event. It is crucial you respond and comment to all these tweets whether they are positive or negative putting your own spin on them.

What are your 3 top tips for promoting and broadcasting an event live on Twitter? Tell us in the comments section below.

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