Digital marketers are always in search of ways to get the most from their efforts. To this end, split tests are quite popular, and it has found its way into social media too, notably, Facebook.

Facebook split test is a tool designed by Facebook to help advertisers run two different ads concurrently- basically, this is Facebook’s version of the A/B split test built into the platform. The tool allows you test different aspects of your ad from audience to appearance.

Below are three reasons why you must have a split test as part of your Facebook ad campaign.


If you are running an ad on Facebook, a split test costs no more than what you are already spending as Facebook ads are priced as cost per result. The split test option divides your audience into ad tests to determine which one works performs better. The winning ad is the one which has the lowest costs per result.

With a split test, you can use the same budget and split it among the variations of your ads to get the one which is most effective.



Facebook splits tests allow you determine your best audience. The split tests allow you test the effectiveness of the ads and target your ad to separate audiences- this enables you to find where your ads are most successful, helping them get maximum results from each dollar.

Research shows that dividing your ads by country, gender, age, relationship status, custom audiences, purchase behaviour and education levels resulted in the biggest gain for advertisers.

A split test would help a marketing campaign in no small measure as even if you have graphically pleasing ads with witty copy and a compelling call to action if you are targeting the wrong audience, your efforts won’t yield success.



A split test may not always improve your results, but it sure validates your decisions as sometimes you may already be doing a good job with your audience, but without testing, you may not know this.

To fully understand if your ads are working then you need to test, and if the new ad you are putting outperforms worse, then you will know that your initial research was right and you can go ahead with a different aspect of your marketing.


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