LinkedIn has years now been a bit slower to implement any changes or alterations to its system. However, since its acquisition by Microsoft, it is attempting to change that culture and introduce new features, tools and services. It has hence recently announced a number of changes that will be soon taking place – some like instant messages have already – with an aim to increase the time users spend on the platform as well as the benefits they can get out of it.

Many will have already noticed the instant messaging that now appears as a chat similar to Facebook messenger and several other changes. However, we will focus on three major changes we believe could potentially have a major impact on the platform and consequently users’ approach to it.  are Third Party Sharing, Authorship tool and Automated message responses. Let’s take a closer look at each one of them in a bit more detail.

Third Party Sharing

LinkedIn has officially announced that it will be initiating information share from users’ profiles to more third party providers. As they noted

Similar to the way your profile shows up in search engines, we will allow certain third-party services to show your profile to their users, so that you can be more easily found for opportunities and connect with people. You can opt out of this broader distribution of your profile, and you control what you share on your profile.”

We are not yet aware as to the number or which these third parties are but considering such agreements already in place, I personally do not believe it will have a major impact on everyday users’ experience.  It actually could potentially help enhance users’ profiles if they make good and correct use of the platform to recruiters and other employment portals.

Authorship Tool

The Authorship tool is effectively a long awaited and highly useful addition to LinkedIn’s current format. The system will effectively be able to scan the worldwide wed for articles, journals or other work authored by LinkedIn members, and in turnsuggest to those members to demonstrate them on their profiles.

As Xiaoqiang Luo of LinkedIn noted recently at a Scale event: “LinkedIn system would now be able to scan the web for documents authored by LinkedIn members, then suggest that those members showcase them on their profiles. To make it easier to update your profile, we’ll look for and suggest  positive and public professional accomplishments, like awards or industry recognition, to share with your network. Users can obviously opt-out if they decide they do not require these recommendations”

Automated Response Prompts & Bots

LinkedIn has also recently implemented a new set of features to their mobile app and added some new very useful tools within their messaging experience.One such example is the ability to get to know members of a future meeting or event if you have synced your Google calendar. In addition, you do not have to already be connected to be able to see the profiles of the other “attendees” or “participants”.

What is more, many will have also seen the emoticons and template responses which are now available on every message but nonetheless, these should only be used in certain circumstances and are not the advisable method of communication.

They have also announced that they will soon be introducing new features and tools such as the new @inbot system to automatically schedule meetings. This will effectively sync with users’ Google Calendar and will be accessible within any LinkedIn message thread by typing in @inbot and in order to easier facilitate meeting or event scheduling.

But in order to utilize either of these features, you first need to first synch your calendar, which is an option not everyone’s aware of.

Xiaoqiang Luo also added ““You can opt-in to use our automated systems that can help you with messages by suggesting responses, assisting in scheduling meetings with connections, generating ice breakers, or offering insights to help you connect with other professionals more easily.”

Finally, as Social Media Today reported, LinkedIn has already updated its Terms and Conditions in line with the upcoming changes so it is now only a matter of time till they are fully implemented.

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