When we talk about social media, Twitter is usually our number one guess. People, who don’t even use Facebook and Instagram, use Twitter as a means of communicating and updating their whereabouts every now and then. So much so, that award shows voting like the ‘Teen Choice Awards’ and many more are done via twitter, just tweeting their vote with a particular hashtag. With almost half the world population using twitter, we see it emerging even more, where brands quite likely bait their fans into tweeting their tweets giving them a heads up on their marketing strategy.


This feature is twitters ‘conversational ads’ that are advanced tweets with connected arrangements of pre-assembled reactions and hashtags that clients can post with a straightforward snap — which were acquainted with select brands for a trial run not long ago. Many companies upload their various promotions and offers which people view and are tempted to retweet or like. Twitter guarantees the retweets and reactions of individuals communicating with the conversational posts have netted a normal of 34 perspectives for each 100 of the real advertisement- earned media rate of 34%.

Not only this but many brands like AMC, Marvel, and Coca-Cola were among the many that accessed these features at an early base. AMC didn’t miss an excellent opportunity, when ‘The Walking Dead’ series were aired; they hyped their series even more. They released a trailer where each user had to individually tweet the post in order to watch. With this, not only did the fans watch the trailer, they marketed AMC and other series as well. This is how AMC used conversational ads to promote ‘The Walking Dead’.


Twitter has dependably been in the matter of jabber, however the media organization has found another approach to consolidate buyer discussions into its promotion advertising, and Samsung was no exception. When Samsung Canada used twitter conversational ad to promote the new smart watch ‘The Gear S2’, fans were tempted to retweet. They had created their tweets in a way asking their followers that would they rather choose #TimeToRide or #TimeToWalk; and by clicking on any one of the hashtags and retweeting it, their preference was made. So this is how fans were bound to choose one choice hence marketing the watch.

As it scrambles to keep sponsor consideration with more appealing advertisement items, the organization is searching for better approaches to play to the stage’s special arrangement of qualities — quickness, social pertinence and a status as a favored open gathering for client administration shoutouts and grumblings. It is with no doubt that many brands use many ways of marketing their products or services. Whether it be via campaigns whatsoever, everybody knows the most effective way of communication is social media; and to tackle the top most apps is a great opportunity. The conclusion therefore is Twitter’s objective with these new advertisements and trust is that promoters will have the capacity to grow their range by enrolling steadfast clients and fans to successfully do their work for them.

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