Marketing has changed a great deal since the advent of the Internet and it now involves much more than just using creativity to develop unique campaigns. The true difference is the availability of data. Marketers no longer conduct a campaign and finish with only a vague sense of the results. Today data is everywhere and every sale can be traced back directly to the marketing effort that caused it. The data-driven approach uses this data to inform new campaigns and it is becoming a vital component of modern marketing campaigns.

Modern marketing relies on data

  • To put it simply, successful marketing campaigns must utilize data in order to achieve maximum success. Data allows marketers to target precise audiences and provide real-time results which can be quickly adjusted for maximum efficiency. Data can inform marketing campaigns in both the early and ongoing stages and it truly serves as the backbone of any campaign.

The challenges to the data-driven approach

  • One of the biggest challenges in taking advantage of all the benefits data can unlock is simply access to that data. Many simply don’t have the data or they lack trust in the data. These are obstacles that must be overcome to truly take advantage of a data-driven approach. Make sure your campaign has access to measurable analytics and keep people with the skills to analyze that data on your marketing team.

How data can optimize marketing strategies

  • Data is important because is provides real time results to a marketing campaign and when used with a carefully established set of goals the marketing campaign can be tweaked to keep the campaign on track and doing exactly what it is supposed to do. It’s not uncommon for a marketing campaign to stray away from pre-established goals and the beauty of a data-driven approach is that marketers can now see this happening in real time and make informed decisions that can get a campaign back on track.

Market professionals need to embrace the data-driven approach

  • Not only do marketing professionals need to fully embrace the data-driven approach for successful campaigns but they are also held accountable because of this data. With all this data comes a new level of accountability for marketers. Business leaders can also access this data and directly measure the success of their marketing departments or contractors, which makes it all the more important to use this data wisely and deliver great results!


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Nicholas is a social entrepreneur, passionate marketeer, career + life coach, consultant, speaker, and community builder. He does this through 1-on-1 coaching, non-profit and businesses consulting, and on a larger scale as Co-founder + Managing Director of CFM Group. He is an internationally recognized strategist, coach, speaker and in the process of writing his 1st book. Possessing over 13 years’ experience in helping clients realise their potential through clarifying their vision, message and market to design the strategies and roadmaps needed to succeed. Utilising this extensive background in strategic planning, pitch and message design, marketing and communications, executive and speaker coaching was his pathway to founding His knowlegde was fundamental in building the company with an investment capital of £1 and a large social impact community and professional development hub in Cambridge, UK. Feel free to comment on any of our articles that interests you or message our CEO directly at ! We hope you enjoy our blog !

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