WP Raffle – GiveAway PlugIns for Marketing

The best way to encourage subscriptions is with giveaways, and you can market your business by utilizing the WordPress Giveaway Plugin. Offer the WordPress Giveaway Plugin for tweets, shares, likes on your WordPress site, product or services. This is one way you can use WordPress to grow your mailing list. To host the Giveaway Plugin on your WordPress site, follow the steps below: Enter your giveaway prizes Select entry type for user to participate. It could be for tweeting a message, liking a Facebook post, Following a Twitter account or Subscribing to a mailing list. Launch your giveaway plugin Choose winners either randomly or manually You don’t need knowledge of coding to use the WP Raffle Plugin to run a giveaway on WordPress. This plugin is an awesome way to start building your community. The complete list of features for the WordPress Raffle Plugin includes: Select entry type Select an…

Dealing with a Designer: Checklist

Working with web designers can be a tricky business especially if you have never done so before. It is hence imperative that you are in full control of what is happening and fully aware of what you desire. Discover how to get the most from him or her with this handy Infographic below and remember to make sure you choose a company you are able to contact or communicate with when you desire so. Finally, having worked on many web design projects the past few years myself, communications is always one of the most important things whether you are working with a company or a freelancer for any type of web or development project. This is something that I personally see as key in my relationship with such clients (web design projects). Meaningful engagement between myself or our web designer and the Client is critical in all of our web projects…

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