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10 Web Design Tips to Drive Sales

Every business owner wants a website which encourages the visitor to make a purchase decision; that is to convert. Some websites have a lot of traffic but very low conversion; clearly, something is wrong. There are several factors which leads to conversion, and the design of your website is one of those factors. Studies reveal that it takes just about 90 seconds for a buyer to make a product assessment. On a website, users spend on the average, 8 seconds. Therefore, first impressions count for everything and about 75% of visitors to your website will judge your website based on its design. Below are ten tips to consider when looking to design a website which drives sales: COLOR Something as simple as the change in color of your website can have tremendous effects on traffic conversion. Tech company performable reported a 20% increase in conversions just by changing it call-to-action…

How to increase Interaction on your website

Whether you are a news publication, a digital advertising platform, or a travel blogger, being aware of what drives traffic to your site is essential to the success of your business. One of the most important tools that gives us a clue on whether a website is good or not is the reader engagement. A good website is one which keeps readers engaged and the number one reason why readers get engaged is relevant content. Having an interactive website is a great way to increase reader engagement, not just visually but physically with their keyboards and mouse. In this blog, we will be looking at some wonderful strategies to make your website content interactive. ASK FOR RATINGS Asking your audience for feedback whether through comments or ratings is a great first step in creating an interactive website. While several sites are already doing this, some methods are more effective than…

4 Responsive Web Design tips

Responsive web design and conversion rates go side-by-side. In fact, studies have revealed that 77% of agencies have poor user experience as the major weakness of most websites. Conversion rate means business. The first thing a client sees when they visit your site is how it looks, not how many certifications you have, number of product sales, or software downloads. Therefore, to increase your conversion rates here are five things to consider: BEGIN WITH A VISUAL BRAND The first step in creating a responsive website is to create a visual brand identity. Identify your brand’s mission and why your customers need your products/services. Doing this sets the foundation for your overall design as all the efforts can be aligned to achieve a common goal which is to either appeal to a customer’s emotion or relieve them of pain. Your web design should reflect all you hope to achieve with your…

5 Crucial Web Design Tips

A websites style and design is subjective – “Beauty is in the eye of the mouse-holder”. However nobody likes to work solely with subjective, in particular the clients who are spending the money on a website. As such, the user experience and functionality can help form a guide towards the right direction of a website and in turn the style needed. Hence it is important to constantly be aware of the latest web design tips and trends to gain a vantage point that can develop and influence your design work. We have based our 5 crucial web design tips around aiding the user experience through good web design: Have you got any tips you would like to offer ? Perhaps you have used some strategy that has had brilliant results for you? Feel free to let us know, our blog is all about providing free knowledge, information, tips and advice so…

Dealing with a Designer: Checklist

Working with web designers can be a tricky business especially if you have never done so before. It is hence imperative that you are in full control of what is happening and fully aware of what you desire. Discover how to get the most from him or her with this handy Infographic below and remember to make sure you choose a company you are able to contact or communicate with when you desire so. Finally, having worked on many web design projects the past few years myself, communications is always one of the most important things whether you are working with a company or a freelancer for any type of web or development project. This is something that I personally see as key in my relationship with such clients (web design projects). Meaningful engagement between myself or our web designer and the Client is critical in all of our web projects…

Using Wix for Small Business

WIX is quickly emerging as one of the most popular and easy to use website development platforms globally. It is not long ago that a “Wixsite” was a derogatory term for a website but things have since changed dramatically in favour of Wix. We are now – undoubtedly – in  the era of “Doing things Yourself” to not only cut costs but also have control of your assets, whatever they may be. and Wix seems to fit that “category” especially when it comes to SME’s and other Small businesses. Whether its the easy templates or the “drag and rop” feature, Wix is rapidly being used by more and more bloggers and small businesses.  especially for small business who need a website in order to have a basic identity on the web. Only recently, I was approached by a friend who chose to create a website with Wix and as his company…

How to go about Getting a Website

Over the last 3 years, I have personally or through my company assisted over 75 individuals, brands and companies in the UK and beyond to establish a web presence. Whether that was building a website for them, assisting them in securing a domain and hosting account or providing them with a web strategy and plan for their new website. I am often contacted (twice this week) via our Social Media and Website by local companies – and not only – informing me that they would like a new website but do not really know how to go about it. The confusion tends to lie in a number of aspects of the process. How do I acquire a domain and name? What is a hosting account and do I need it? How to find a web designer and do I need one? What are site navigation and functionality requirements? Will there be…

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