3 Blogging ways to generate traffic

I am often asked by my clients who run a blog, of methods as to how they can create unique posts that will interest their customers but also generate traffic from new users. It is something, I myself also struggled with when I initially started my blog due to the thousands of active bloggers currently and the millions of potential subjects out there. Being able to identify the right topic can be quite tricky so why not have a thought about using some other methods to attract customers to your blogs. It is a known fact that you require awesome, engaging content on your website to compete for organic search traffic nowadays and that will still not necessarily rank you high in Google’s competitive search engine. So let’s have a look at how you can create intriguing SEO-friendly content with these alternative types of blogging. Make use of an Infographic Infographics are a…

Instagram Facts and Stats for 2017

When it was first launched, Instagram was mainly seen as a photography phot for people to share their daily pictures. Nonetheless, it has since grown so much that there are now thousands of individuals and brands making a living through Instagram only. People are flocking to Instagram like never seen before on any other Social Media platform..not even Facebook as the company just announced that it’s hit the milestone of 700 million monthly active users. It’s the shortest time Instagram has ever taken to add 100 million to its total…Which also happens to coincide with Instagram adding some of Snapchats’ filters and apps within this period. So let’s have a look at some amazing facts and stats about Instagram and the growth it has had in the past few years and especially since its acquisition by Mark Zuckenberg and Facebook. We took a close look at a research by the Pew Research…

The importance of a Data-Driven approach

Marketing has changed a great deal since the advent of the Internet and it now involves much more than just using creativity to develop unique campaigns. The true difference is the availability of data. Marketers no longer conduct a campaign and finish with only a vague sense of the results. Today data is everywhere and every sale can be traced back directly to the marketing effort that caused it. The data-driven approach uses this data to inform new campaigns and it is becoming a vital component of modern marketing campaigns. Modern marketing relies on data To put it simply, successful marketing campaigns must utilize data in order to achieve maximum success. Data allows marketers to target precise audiences and provide real-time results which can be quickly adjusted for maximum efficiency. Data can inform marketing campaigns in both the early and ongoing stages and it truly serves as the backbone of…

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