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Brands are trying in more ways than ever to connect with audiences across a range of social platforms on a regular basis nowadays. Brands are struggling to catch the viewers’ attention with an ever decreasing attention span and an abundance of competition out there. It is estimated that each day users globally scroll through 300 feet of content, giving brands a very small window of time to grab the users’ attention and in the correct way. Therefore, how can your brand start building ideas that work for the speed of feed? Here are some useful information on the Social Media landscape in 2018 along with some very useful stats. Do not hesitate to contact me, subscribe to this blog for free, click here to arrange a FREE Consultancy meeting, send me an email at Nick@CFMGroup.co.uk or Follow me below on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram.

Hate speech on Social media is becoming a more and more prevalent issue with sometimes devastating effects if not spotted accurately or deleted in time. The German parliament on Friday the 30th of July 2017, officially passed a law that could impose sharp fines on social media companies that fail to spot and delete Hate Speech from their social media platforms. Under the new “Network Enforcement Act” companies such as Facebook, Twitter, and others could face fines of up to €50 million ($57 million) for failing to remove hate speech from their platforms. The majority of German MPs voted in favour of the “Netzwerkdurchsetzungsgesetz” also commonly know as the “Facebook Law” after months of deliberationto better tackle hate speech online and partucularly on social media platforms where the majority of users nowadays spend their time online. In a statement, Facebook noted they fully shared the vision and goal of the German government in…