New “Family Focused” Facebook feed

Facebook announced a major update on the 11th of January that will put friends and family above pages or celebrities in a user’s news feed — and likely result in people spending less time on the leading social network..or not? The change to the way Facebook ranks posts will put more weight on social interactions and relationships, according to News Feed product manager John Hegeman. “This is a big change,” Hegeman was quoted saying..”People will actually spend less time on Facebook, but we feel good about that because it will make the time they do spend more valuable, and be good for our business in the end. We think people interaction is more important than passively consuming content,” Hegeman said. “This will be one of the more important updates that we have made.” Facebook co-founder and chief Mark Zuckerberg has noted numerous times that bringing people together and strengthening communities…

Facebook Ads now link to Whatsapp

We start the New Year with some interesting news coming from..yeah, you guessed it right. Facebook ! An very exciting social media development – that may have slipped under your festive radar – occurred a couple of weeks back. The increased monetisation of Whatsapp. What does that mean? Well, simplified,  Facebook has introduced a ‘contact us via Whatsapp’ button to sponsored organic Facebook posts. This will move your conversation to a company Whatsapp account (yes you need to create a Company Whatsapp, you can contact ours on +44 (0)7502449127) and helps Facebook bring Whatsapp a little closer to the larger Facebook family which include Instagram, Oculus, Ascenta and ProtoGeo. We’re predicting that it will begin to appear in Instagram ads in the close future too. Facebook has bought messaging app WhatsApp in a deal worth a total of $19bn (£11.4bn) in cash and shares. It is the social networking giant’s biggest acquisition to…

Instagram adds Recommended posts to your feed

Instagram’s feed will now show users recommended posts – a change that earlier this month was spotted while in testing, and has since quietly gone live. The feature, described here in the company’s Help documentation, will suggest posts for you based on those that have been liked by other accounts you follow.The new section, “Recommended for You, is clearly labeled as such to avoid any confusion with your own home feed. This is not the first time Instagram has attempted to insert a feed for recommended posts or content. However, it is different from the previous ones ever seen. In the past, you had to go to Explore section to check recommended content. Moreover, you could choose to see which posts your friends had been liking in the Following section and so forth. This new feature however is slightly different and now also available for both Android and iOS as well. However, it…

Happy New Year

It has been an exciting year for us all at CFM Group. Unprecedented growth, Victoria, Josh and Maria have been added to our team and more importantly, we have improved our high standards and client satisfaction! We hope you had a brilliant Christmas and haven’t made any resolutions you’ve not been able to keep. We’re all still waiting for our gyms to return to normal after the January rush. Managing Director, Nick kalavas says: ‘As we go into our 6th year of trading as a Marketing agency we are excited by developments in digital and email marketing that allow businesses the opportunity to maximise their return on their marketing investment.’ Over December we moved into our new office on St Andrews street, in the heart of Historic Cambridge. It was a fairly stress free move, and we’ve slowly but surely settled in. We’ve even added in a brand new Space Invaders…

6 Steps to create a Facebook Group for your page

Facebook groups have been around since forever, but recently, Facebook has begun making some significant improvements and adding new features. As a business owner, there’s no better time to key into the wonders of Facebook groups. Facebook groups are an excellent way to connect with your customers, and convert potential clients. There’s also immense value in building a brand and having a place where your customers can know more about your business and talk with others within your brand community. To build an effective Facebook group, here are simple steps: CREATE THE RIGHT GROUP The first and most important thing is to determine the purpose of your Facebook group. Do you want to create a place where customers can come to ask questions? Do you want customers to be able to speak with other like-minded customers or perhaps you want a place where you will be getting valuable feedback? Next,…

5 Common mistakes in Content Marketing

Content marketing is an important part of the modern business strategy as not only does it help build brands and boost sales, it also offers long-term dividends. However, despite the popularity of content marketing, only 3% of B2B content marketers rated their content marketing approaches as successful while 53% believe their content marketing strategy is successful. The above stats show that there is something missing in the content marketing strategy of most businesses and several mistakes which they might be making which results in failing content marketing campaigns. Some of these mistakes include: NOT BUILDING BUYER PERSONA Executing a content marketing strategy requires building a buyer persona as this will ensure the marketing strategy is spot on. Your content marketing plans must cater to the needs of your customers, their challenges and pain points. To create such a strategy, you need to know your customers thoroughly, identifying their obstacles and…

5 Ways to Upgrade your Social Media Strategy

On the average, 80 million photos get uploaded on Instagram daily, and this is why you must ensure your Instagram strategy stands out from the crowd. With an ever-increasing user growth and high brand engagement rates, it’s clear that Instagram is becoming an increasingly valuable social network for marketers in all industries. In this post, we will take a look at five ways to take your Instagram strategy from good to great. DEFINE YOUR VISUAL STYLE Instagram is a visual social network, and the first place to begin upgrading your strategy is upgrading your imagery, and every image you upload should be a part of a cohesive visual experience- maintaining consistency in style, composition and colour. Whether your brand is boundary-pushing, rugged, wholesome or family-focused. Your visual style is key to conveying what your brand stands for. This consistency ensures that when a photo appears in a fan’s feed, there’s…

Social media conversion tips

HOW TO CONVERT YOUR SOCIAL MEDIA FOLLOWERS INTO PAYING CUSTOMERS It’s a fact that social media marketing is important in promoting business, especially in today’s business clime. By the end of 2016, 2.8 billion persons were already using social media, an increase of 21% from 2015. Further statistics reveal that 71% of consumers who have had a good experience with a brand on social media are likely to recommend it to a friend with 95% of adults aged 18-34 likely to follow their brands on social media. Posting quality content on social media and engaging with your followers in high-quality content is great but it would be much better if you can convert these followers into paying customers. Below are some tips you should follow to help you maximize your returns with social media. USE DESIGNATED LANDING PAGES It’s common to find clicks on Google Adwords or Facebook ad leading…

The Best Times to Post on Social Media

The best times to post on social media signifies the time most of your followers or fans are on their social profiles and are hence more likely to view your content. That’s the easy answer but however not necessarily that insightful or useful. There are best practices for each social network, and the data from a variety of studies proves that posting at the best times will help you get more traffic, more engagement, and more followers. Do not hesitate to contact us, subscribe to our blog for free, click here to arrange a FREE Consultancy meeting, send me an email at Nick@CFMGroup.co.uk or Follow me below on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram.

15 Ways to Create Tweets That Get Action

With so many tweets overwhelming each Twitter user, it can be incredibly difficult to get your tweets seen and clicked. Twitter has 320 million current active users so it’s no wonder why it’s getting more and more difficult to be seen on Twitter. But done correctly, Twitter can still be a great source of traffic. And as you know, if your Tweets aren’t driving traffic, then they’re not doing you or your business much good. That’s why I’ve compiled this list of 15 ways to get your Tweets seen and clicked on by your followers. 1: Add Images Did you know that tweets with images receive 18% more click-throughs, 89% more favorites and 150% more retweets? And you can create multiple images for each blog post, using attractive colors, centered headlines and interesting textures. Don’t forget to add your brand or URL, too. For a slew of free design tools,…

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