I can defiantly say, that – like Instagram – Emojis, are here to stay for good.  Whether you are a fan of them or not, emojis have become a very frequent means of communication – especially on mobile devices- and all of us have used a ? or ❤️ in our messages. Emojis are a creative and more approachable way to communicate with your customers, especially when your audience consists of the so-called “millennials”. It also assists in transpiring your brand’s personality much better and connecting with your customers on a more “personal” level. So let’s have a closer look at the craze that -undeniably- everyone loves so much. What are emojis, why (or why not) you should also use them in your company’s posts and finally, how to use them in your advantage. Here we go! What are Emojis? Emojis are seen and used on a daily basis but only a few of us…