Political deception in Social Media

In recent years, social media has evolved from being just a tool for entertainment and connecting with friends and loved ones. Today, it also functions as a powerful business and political tool, with immense potentials for social architecture. Just like any other tool, the application of social media platforms in business and politics can be for good or for bad. On one hand, social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter has allowed businesses and political groups connect with their target audience at a more personal level. However, these social media sites have also created an avenue for corporate and political entities to engage in propaganda, hate speech, deceit and incursion into the privacy of social media users. The extent to which social media can be used to influence opinion is most noticeable in the political arena, and a case in point was in the recent US Presidential elections where it…

Ebay drops Paypal for Adyen

EBay is to drop PayPal as its main payments processor in a shocking move they claim will benefit sellers and buyers through their new provider, Dutch firm, Adyen.  site says buyers and sellers alike will benefit to move from PayPal to Dutch firm Adyen. People buying items on eBay will be able to pay without leaving its website, and sellers will have lower processing costs, the online giant said in a blog post. Shares in PayPal were down 7% in pre-market trading in the US on the day due to the shocking news. EBay said it wanted to complete the move as quickly as possible within the terms of its deal with PayPal. The e-commerce company said that the operating agreement with PayPal “has not and will not be extended.” PayPal, which was originally a concept that spun out from eBay in 2015, will continue to be offered as a way to…

Facebook New Alert to combat “Fake News”

Facebook has announced that it has initiated partnerships with third parties such as Snopes, Politifact, AFP, BFMTV, LeMonde and L’Express to act as fact-checkers for news and updates posted onto their multi-billion user platform. Mr Adam Mosseri, (Facebook vice-president of product management for newsfeed) gave a brief interview to the Financial Times outlining some of the details of this new project. “A commercial relationship is something that’s on the table and that we are very open to”. “It could depend on individual organisations, but we want to engage responsibly and if that means a financial arrangement, we are very open to it.” he noted to the Financial Times. This is not currently the only initiative that Facebook is engaging with. It is also currently running a 3 day project in more than 14 countries with a main aim of helping  “people become more discerning readers” as the BBC reported a few days ago.…

Facebook attempting to stop Click-Bait

Are you tired of getting posts on Facebook asking you to do something before getting something? Guess what! Facebook also feels the same; that is why the social network giant is preparing to take bold steps to minimize the rate of spammy links and posts showing up on people’s timeline and newsfeeds. The social network recently announced its update on news feeds to reduce the rate of click baits or other headlines that require users to take a required action to view a post. But this year it is going a step further. Click bait is simply defined as a link shared within a title that requires the user to click on a link without informing them what the link is really about. So henceforth, it will no longer be pages that get lots of clicks that will just rise on top, instead posts that engage users the…

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