Omnichannel vs Multichannel Marketing: 3 Key Differences The term “Omnichannell Marketing” seems more prevalent than ever in today’s digital Marketplace. Omni-channel marketing has become key to marketing success as customers engage with companies in many different ways. Such ways could be an App, Online shop, Physical store, catalogs, Social Media and many more. But what is omnichannel marketing? Some say its just “Cross-Channel Marketing done .. well” others that its “revolutionary and engages the customer more that ever”. So let’s have a brief look at what it is and what are its main differences to Multichannel marketing are. MULTICHANNEL MARKETING Let’s take it from the beginning. Multichannel marketing is the discipline that effectively suggests that the more channels of engaging and selling there are out there are the better. Multichannel experiences are what the majority of companies’ employ nowadays in their marketing strategies. A channel might be a print ad, a retail location,…