Facebook has announced that it has initiated partnerships with third parties such as Snopes, Politifact, AFP, BFMTV, LeMonde and L’Express to act as fact-checkers for news and updates posted onto their multi-billion user platform. Mr Adam Mosseri, (Facebook vice-president of product management for newsfeed) gave a brief interview to the Financial Times outlining some of the details of this new project. “A commercial relationship is something that’s on the table and that we are very open to”. “It could depend on individual organisations, but we want to engage responsibly and if that means a financial arrangement, we are very open to it.” he noted to the Financial Times. This is not currently the only initiative that Facebook is engaging with. It is also currently running a 3 day project in more than 14 countries with a main aim of helping  “people become more discerning readers” as the BBC reported a few days ago.…