Formula 1 is the fastest growing sport on social media and last season was the first under the management of American-based Liberty Media which is keen to develop the sport and attract new audiences. Earlier in the year, Formula 1 reported that they ended the year with 11.9 million followers on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Youtube channels- a rise of 54.9% compared to 2016. This figure reflects how much ground the sport has had to make up. Previous managers Bernie Ecclestone had little time for social media so it came as no surprise they were ousted in 2017. Liberty have taken considerable steps to explore those platforms. Video content performed best on Twitter with over 64 million views representing a 165 percent year-on-year increase while on Instagram, Formula 1 feed almost doubled to 3.8 million. Putting it in perspective, poster boy of Formula 1, Lewis Hamilton currently has 5.7 million…