A recent report revealed that over 250 mobile games were found to have software which can track the TV watching habits of their users. Alphonso produced the software, and the reach of the software even extends to the Apple App store. Always-listening devices like Amazon’s Echo and Google Home are already quite creepy but always-listening mobile games takes creepy to a whole new level. Games like Beer Pong, Pool 3D, Real Bowling Strike 10 Pin, Trickshot, and Quest as long as hundreds more use software from Alphonso, a startup specialized in “TV retargeting.” When watching TV, you likely use your smartphone or tablet during commercial breaks, and the software Alphonso collects data on what you are watching to deliver targeted ads to your mobile device based on that data. In a chat with the New York Times, Alphonso CEO Ashish Chordia said the company’s software was able to get data…