It’s a regular misconception to believe anyone can run a social media page or create a Likes campaign for your company. The truth is, YES, anyone can. But can they do it successfully? In a world where we are all on social media with individual accounts as well as pages or groups sometimes, it is easy to understand why many CEO or StartUps avoid outsourcing their Social Media.

However, when it comes down to make valuable use of it in a beneficial manner for your company and have grown to a point where your following and fans demand regular feedback and content from you, it might be time to re-evaluate your initial thoughts.

Here are 4 signs you need to watch for:

  • Not sure which channels to use

Everyone is on Facebook, the majority of people are on Twitter. But have you considered LinkedIn, Google + or Pinterest? They are not always applicable but all have their own individual benefits. Are you aware of them and how to exploit them in your benefit or that the content on each channel has to be different in order to attract the highest engagement possible? Finding the right channels that work for your business can be a difficult and timely task many struggle with and choose to simply follow the norm of just posting on their Facebook page.

  • Poor engagement rate

A simple definition for engagement rate would be the calculation for measuring a brand’s effectiveness on social media. That basically means the number of people who engaged (liked, shared, commented, pinned, retweeted, etc) divided by the number of people reached. The ultimate goal on social media is to generate the highest possible engagement with a subsequent result of clicking to your website, reading your content or buying your product or service. High engagement allows the algorithms to rank a piece of content as more relevant (and better) than others which then reaches a larger audience.

  • Struggling with content

Some may argue, “if you are struggling with content, may be you should not operate in your industry”. That is not necessarily correct. Writing content is one thing, but writing it in an engaging manner that will attract views and demonstrate your expertise in an adequate fashion is somewhat harder than you may think. If you have got to the point were time and ideas are rapidly running out whilst you are attracting a lot less interest that what you desire, then the time might have come to seek some help.

  • You are a Company Leader / Time

Company leaders can and most certainly should be active in regards to their brand and company’s social media. Nonetheless, there are far more pressing and important issues for them to be dealing with daily such as generating business. It is hence a matter of time, a valuable asset to all CEO’s and it is imperative that their time is spent productively at all times without decreasing social media success and presence.

If any (or perhaps all) of the above scenarios sound plausible and applicable in your case , then you should strongly consider hiring a Social Media agency. Alternatively, you could always allocate some of these duties to a person in the knowledge whilst assisting their growth by training them on social media concurrently. This (strategy) will however take a little more time to flourish in terms of results and leads generated in comparison to an advertising agency with experience and in depth knowledge of techniques and digital marketing tactics.

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Nicholas is a social entrepreneur, passionate marketeer, career + life coach, consultant, speaker, and community builder. He does this through 1-on-1 coaching, non-profit and businesses consulting, and on a larger scale as Co-founder + Managing Director of CFM Group. He is an internationally recognized strategist, coach, speaker and in the process of writing his 1st book. Possessing over 13 years’ experience in helping clients realise their potential through clarifying their vision, message and market to design the strategies and roadmaps needed to succeed. Utilising this extensive background in strategic planning, pitch and message design, marketing and communications, executive and speaker coaching was his pathway to founding His knowlegde was fundamental in building the company with an investment capital of £1 and a large social impact community and professional development hub in Cambridge, UK. Feel free to comment on any of our articles that interests you or message our CEO directly at ! We hope you enjoy our blog !

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