Optimizing a landing page ensures that you achieve the highest possible conversion rate from the visitors who arrive at that landing page. Chances are, if there’s an under-optimized page on your site, your landing page is it. Yet many users’ first impressions are based predominantly on this page.  Not sure which parts of your landing page to optimize first? Let’s have a look at some of the key elements that can make a quick difference for your and your business or brand.

I have added some tips below which will help you not only increase the look of your homepage, but also increase increase visibility and consequently potentially also conversion.

  • Be aware of your goals

Firstly – and perhaps most importantly – it is crucial to know what you are looking to get out of your website and hence your landing page. Providing an easy to navigate and user friendly menu is very important but if you have not got set goals and targets you are looking to achieve then all of the that might simply be a waste of your time. One of the most aspects of a successful landing page is knowing you have set your goals correctly and are hence targeting the right customer. Having people visit your page is always good (to a certain extent) but if they are not potential clients, it really is not benefiting you. Be aware of what you are seeking to achieve and be sure your landing page works towards helping you achieve that goal.

  • Start from the beginning

I literally advise this to the majority of my clients that are looking to revamp their website, are re-branding or simply looking to improve their landing page. From simple things like your menu and long

  • Catchy and Informative “Punch Line”

The majority of people that visit websites online are what we call “skimmers and scanners”. Make it easy to understand your benefits and more people will want what you’ve offeringby using a clear, catchy and informative Punch Line. This is the 1st thing (along with your images perhaps) your potential customers will see and it consequently vital it makes a good impression. Always remember, the ‘5 second rule’ which unfortunately also applies to landing pages too. You’ve got about 5 seconds to attract and draw in your consumer. If your page doesn’t appeal immediately, your prospect will most probably leave and end up on a competitors’ website.

  • Be transparent & clear about your Expertise

A good example is the image attached below as it not only offers a chart further down on their page to showcase their expertise but also provides people with “Call to Action” buttons to get the information they require immediately by simple sending a quick message.

  • Mobile First

It is a well known fact that more than half of online traffic today comes from mobile devices as the “millennials” preferred method of communication, networking and sometimes even seeking their next professional role. It is hence imperative that your landing page takes this into account and presents and attractive and mobile friendly experience to your customers. Make sure your design elements are responsive, make your text easily readable without zooming, and make your features easy to interact with, even with bulky fingers doing the work.

  • Content and Images

Content and images are one of the most important part of online marketing. As it is often said, pictures tell a thousand words and this is particularly true online. Images are the most shared and liked content on social sites and can be very effective when it comes to lead generating landing pages. The more a potential customer likes your page, the more likely they’ll contact you and it is consequently crucial that you not only present the benefits of working with you in simple, clear facts but also accompany those with quality and attractive images.

  • Be contactable

It might sound simple and easy but I bump into many many pages daily that are simply lacking that basic button for the customer to click and go through to ordering or getting their details. Show your phone number, social network links and even the address and a map and of your location on your landing page. The more accessible you are, the more friendly and ‘open for business’ you look. It really does not make “business sense” to be hiding from the people you are seeking to attract.

Conclusively, landing page optimisation is most definitely not an easy task and certainly something that needs to be looked at quite often, as there’s no proven formula for getting it right and people’s attitudes change from day to day in this day and age. The above Guide is simply a foundation to give the necessary information on how to get started on specific – crucial albeit – elements of your landing page which will also help you increase conversion.  should give you a foundation to frame each element of the landing page, leading to improved conversion. We’re eager to know how this helped your campaigns, so please feel free to let us know what your results were and if they worked as well as they have worked for us.

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