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Instagram Adds Collections

20 Apr Instagram Adds Collections

Instagram – the popular photo-sharing app – has officially rolled out Collections to its features. Some call “Instagram’s Pinterest Approach” ..others that its is merely a tool to help organise your ideas. Back in December, Instagram added the option for users to save other users’ posts for later viewing, or as known bookmarking but failed to offer any means of organising them. So it has now done exactly that as it aims to keep users on the platform as long as possible.

In addition, this extra feature can potentially prove to be highly profitable and useful for E-Commerce platforms and InstaStores.  As it will allow users to save and segment their favourites in collections, it will be much easier for them to simply click on their saved collections and purchase the items they desire. With 1 Million active advertisers currently on Instagram this could turn Instagram into a major online shopping “player”.

To save a post to a Collection, users have to tap and hold the bookmark icon at the bottom right of every post.

It is not that dissimilar to the Pinterest Boards feature but unlike Pinterest, Instagram collections are private and cannot be seen by anyone other than the user himself. However, it cannot be long until Instagram also really chooses a Head-On collision with Pinterest and adds the option to make collections public.

Instagram claims that “since the release of the bookmarking feature in December, almost half of users have saved at least one post” and is hence confident that Collections will be used widely.

Either way, the Collections new feature will certainly help in organising ones posts and remains to be seen how well it is received by the public and millions of users.

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