If , as most businesses out there, you are trying to harness the power of Facebook to market your business, then great content and engagement are just 2 small pieces of the puzzle. To really make the most of your presence on this popular social network, you need your business page to be popular and growing.

Social media marketing is getting hotter with every passing day, and every online business is changing their strategy to be more active on social-media platform. There are a number of things you can do to promote your page increasing advertising, conversion campaigns and posting regularly but in an ever growing market on Facebook, it is crucial you have a clear goal and are aware of what you are seeking to get out of your page. This in turn will help you understand your audience better and assist you in writing targeted, high quality content to attract  them to your page.

However, there are still some basic things you can do to increase your page’s visibility, attractiveness and hence popularity. Let’s have a look at 5 “easy to apply” tips, to help you implement these simple practices.

  • Attractiveness = Likeability

It does sound a bit generic and vague but in most instances it has proven to be true. Attractiveness usually means likeability and hence starting from the basics such as a nice cover photo can be crucial for your page. A visually pleasing page is easier for fans to engage with as they are able to “consume” your content more easily increasing the likelihood of them sharing your posts. Your page’s cover photo and profile picture are the first things visitors see, so you want them to be beautiful, professional, and powerful.

  • Facebook URL

Another role of branding is use the same brand name (Username) everywhere. Facebook let you add custom vanity URL’s to your fan page, for example, CFMGroupUK fan page URL is Facebook.com/CFMGroupUK which is not only easy to remember and type, but also adds a brand value and is consistent with our Twitter and Instagram accounts too. In addition, a custom and unique Facebook vanity url will allow you to promote your page easier on promotional material and collateral as well as all other advertising activities. Finally, it becomes a memorable name and perhaps using your motto or secondary logo might be a good idea.

  • Text / Image ratio

Pictures and videos as you probably already know are key to your page’s attractiveness and success. Break up polls, links, and other types of posts with lots of multimedia seems to be the way forward today and as can be seen in the pic below, attract a lot more engagement and attention. Any visual you create for your blog or specific media channels, such as Twitter infographics or Youtube videos, you should not shy away from also sharing them on your other social media platforms and specifically Facebook. Visual and interactive content not only increases your page’s visibility but also quality and attractiveness a key component to your page’s success. You can include a variety of things in your photos, images, and videos such as: memes, events, people, products in in action and images you create such as infographics.

  • Run competitions and Giveaways

People love competitions..and they love giveaways even more. Facebook competitions are a fun, interactive and a relatively simple way to increase the amount of user engagement your page receives such as likes, share and comments.  Posts about competitions get high engagement on your page, and if you promote your competition via Facebook ads or other means, it’s likely your Facebook community will grow as a result. Just make sure the prize is relevant and you adhere to Facebook’s T+Cs and you’re good to go.

  • Consistency

This one is a pretty big no-brainer. The more engaging and high quality your content is, the more interaction you’re going to get and the better your EdgeRank will be, which means more people will see the post. Keep track of how all your posts perform and pretty soon you’ll know what content your community finds engaging. However, it is also important to be consistent and consistency does not mean to post too often or too little but to be in line with your clients’ demands and audiences likes. Post on a regular basis by building a pattern of a variety of posts and stick to your theme, fonts or style throughout your journey to help your clients’ build an affinity and get a personal feel of your brand, service or product.

Summarising, try to always keep an eye and ..ear out for the latest developments, additions and tools form Facebook and their marketing team, to get some ideas of new practices yo can make use of to make your page more viral and popular. Always remember, making anything popular doesn’t happen overnight and the process can indeed be slow sometimes but if you are consistent you will reap the benefits in the long run. There are many more techniques and ideas that you could implement, but for now give the above a go and let us know how they work for you.

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Nicholas is a social entrepreneur, passionate marketeer, career + life coach, consultant, speaker, and community builder. He does this through 1-on-1 coaching, non-profit and businesses consulting, and on a larger scale as Co-founder + Managing Director of CFM Group. He is an internationally recognized strategist, coach, speaker and in the process of writing his 1st book. Possessing over 13 years’ experience in helping clients realise their potential through clarifying their vision, message and market to design the strategies and roadmaps needed to succeed. Utilising this extensive background in strategic planning, pitch and message design, marketing and communications, executive and speaker coaching was his pathway to founding www.CFMGroup.co.uk. His knowlegde was fundamental in building the company with an investment capital of £1 and a large social impact community and professional development hub in Cambridge, UK. Feel free to comment on any of our articles that interests you or message our CEO directly at Nick@CFMGroup.co.uk ! We hope you enjoy our blog !

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