Instagram is a beneficial visual promoting channel and several brands are leveraging the platform which Instagram provides to gain business and popularity.

A couple of years back, building a brand online was not exactly easy but today it’s as easy as it gets as with the right strategy, a brand can amass thousands of followers in only a couple of days. It’s a good time for those looking to grow a brand/business off of Instagram as there are plenty tools to support your account and with more functionality.

To build a brand on Instagram, there are certain things you must do to ensure your efforts yield the expected results.


Before you make any post, first ask yourself what you hope to achieve from your brand and why. The response will determine your goals for your brand.

If you want a strong Instagram community, work on it and build it and if you are a strong and successful brand trying to make your social media platforms reflect your brand, use it that way. But first you need to determine what you need from your brand identity as this will make things easier for you.

When building your brand on Instagram, keep in mind that having a small loyal community is better than a million irrelevant followers.


Building a brand identity is like creating a person’s character and if you have a solid brand identity, people begin to do business and follow you, even if just for inspiration.

Make sure you determine your brand identity and keep it consistent. If a person recognizes your brand from your concept you have done a good job.

In defining your brand ensure you make your mark and standout. You can only do this when you know your target audience and work to meet their tastes in a unique way.


Rather than advertising for followers, look to grow your follower base organically and this you can do by following your target audience, making relevant posts, using similar tags and tagging them on your posts.

You can also employ the services of brand influencers to understand the trends of the market and your target audience. Also sync other social media platforms with your Instagram so you can get more followers this way.


In social media management, timing is essential. The right content timed wrong may fail to get you the desired effect. To determine the best time to make your posts, check the time zone of most of your Instagram followers and make your posts in the periods when there is most activity among your target audience.

Most brands begin posting from 9 a.m. Between lunch breaks, noon and just afternoon are great times for posting as well. Also there are times ideal for interaction like Sunday evenings.


Conclusively, Instagram is a social platform with enormous growth and potential for businesses in almost any industry. Using Instagram correctly could have a significant impact on your reach, brand awareness, and ultimately the revenue of your company.

Have you tried any of the tips above? Let us know what’s working for your business in the comments section below.

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