Any business nowadays realises that Facebook is truly a great marketing tool, though getting followers to engage in content and eventually purchase products and/or services can be challenging at times. What better way to solve this than to give away free stuff! Facebook competitions are a great way to increase engagement with your followers, but there a number of things to consider in order to make the most out of these contests.

FACEBOOK Policies Review
The first step to conducting a Facebook competition is to be completely familiar with Facebook’s rules and policies. Running a competition doesn’t help you if you end up suffering some consequence from breaking these policies. Avoid any of these issues by simply taking the time to thoroughly review Facebook’s terms of service and competition guidelines.

Once you’re comfortable with Facebook’s policies it’s time to design the contest. The type of contest will largely depend on your business goals and it would be wise to specifically define these goals before the contest begins. Looking for more page likes? Then entering the contest might be as simple as clicking like. Looking for marketing information? Design a quick poll or survey to act as the contest entry. These contests can be designed in whatever way best meets a business’s goals. While contest types will vary based on a business’s goals the contest should always be easy to enter in order to engage as many people as possible.

The final consideration is, of course, the prize! Much like the contest type, the prize should align with the overall goals for conducting the competition in the first place. Obviously, the higher value the prize the more engagement that can be expected in the contest. If high engagement is one of the businesses goals, then a high value prize will be an important factor. Whatever the prize may be it should be relevant to your company and industry. These prizes are also great opportunities to spread your brand and a business could easily give away items with the company logo on them.

Facebook competitions are a great way to drive traffic and increase engagement, but if you are going to be giving things away you want to make sure you are making the most of your competition. Hopefully with these steps in mind you can do just that!

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