Social media is proving to be a powerful marketing tool in the present digital age. It connects the audiences to what they are looking for, at a pace that traditional mediums could never expect to. The education sector is not an exception.

In present time, an educational center, college or university doesn’t prolong its existence or success just by having.. a large sized building, faculty, and students, etc. Just like any organisation, it requires branding and marketing. For educational groups to maintain their reputation and grow, Social Media Marketing is of utmost significance.

As acceptance of internet and usage of social media is growing at a fast pace, especially amongst the younger generation, social media has become a favourite method of marketing in the education sector. Nowadays, the conventional approach of communication is considered somewhat outdated.

Social media platforms have explored a lot of opportunities of learning – ahead of the physical classroom – for open communication principally among students and faculties. Though, Social media being used for such purposes is a new concept, it is gradually becoming a crucial component and also a new method of communication with potential clients (parents or students themselves).

However, some may still argue that the above is not enough for an Education institutions to engage actively on Social Media. The fact is, social media marketing has become a necessity in the digital arena. It is probably the most efficient way to target young generation. According to some recent surveys, the majority of students are already using social media platforms on a daily basis. And with effective social media marketing strategies, an educational center and colleges can target these students and even parents.

By investing in Social Media Marketing, Educational centers can reap a number of benefits, some of which we have chosen to list below.

College Admission – Social media platforms allow the educational institutes to reach potential students. Facebook,Twitter, Google+ and many more platforms allow the colleges and schools to contact students directly through their posts as well as engage with them. Even the students can get a thorough knowledge about a course, school or institution through social media as well as request guides and converse with fellow interested members of the public or former students.

Learning Atmosphere: When a college or school is active on social media, it facilitates the students to learn online. The students can get access to blogs, tips for exams, guidelines about admission and lectures, etc. It hence enhances the students and teachers/professors/lecturers communication and overall experience.

Improve Engagement with former students: Social Media also allows institutions to stay connected with their ex-students and their successes. It also offers an opportunity to discover and reconnect with past foreign students.

General Outreach: One of the most amazing benefits of social media marketing is that it allows connecting to lots of people with ease. Apart from the current and former students, an institute can stay connected with their local community, engage with local events and provide a useful news outlet for younger generations.

When implemented proficiently, social media marketing can help educational institutes to communicate and promote their online brand image in the industry. Unlike traditional marketing methods, it is a two way communication platform that enhances online visibility, sharing experiences and information.

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