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How to set the right goals for your SEO Campaign
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Choosing the right goals for your SEO

06 Mar Choosing the right goals for your SEO

SEO is vital to a successful online presence but before you begin your SEO campaign it’s important to set clear and realistic goals. Throughout a SEO campaign it’s easy to get side tracked or begin focusing on results that don’t align with your overall mission. This can be best avoided by setting proper goals before SEO efforts even begin. What follows are a few questions you should ask when developing your goals.

Who is my audience?
Your audience will depend on your industry but what’s important is that you set clear goals as to who your target demographic will be. Only by setting this goal up front can you track your progress and make sure you stay on track. You may dig into analytics later and realize that you aren’t hitting your targeted audience, knowing this you can adjust your campaign, but you’ll never know if you don’t set the target up front.

What is my niche?
While it is possible to rank high in general spaces it remains incredibly difficult and most businesses are better off selecting and sticking to a specific niche. Just like your audience, this needs to be clearly defined up front. It’s easy to drift away from a niche as your company grows and setting a clear idea of what this is up front will help avoid that.

What keywords are the most important?

Keywords are an important part of any SEO campaign and the most important keywords should be established up front and included consistently throughout an SEO campaign. Your goal is to rank for these keywords and it’s important to keep them in mind throughout the campaign so that you can continue to build a solid ranking.
What will my conversion rates be?
The ultimate goal behind any SEO campaign is make conversions. Sales are the driving force behind any business and an SEO campaign should be conducted with sales goals in mind. Conversion rates don’t ultimate effect your search ranking but instead inform you as to how successful your SEO efforts really are. You should carefully consider how much energy your putting into an SEO campaign and use that to inform your expectations and goals when it comes to conversion rates. You may establish this as a set of mile markers where you expect certain rates half-way through a campaign and a new set at the end.

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