LinkedIn Algorithm – How does it Work?

It used to be that you only add the contacts that perhaps can offer you something in terms of employment or people you have worked but I strongly  advise my clients against that practice nowadays. LinkedIn is all about networking and one of its most powerful tools is the connections one is able to make with other professionals of a variety of industries as well as the relationship he maintains and builds with them through his posts, articles and other interaction. So one might argue, “ok then, I might as well add as many contacts as possible to maximise the views of my posts or content in general. The more the contacts I have, the more the likelihood of my articles being seen by a greater audience. Well, it is not exactly that simple. Having spent quite a significant time studying and analysing some of the documentation put out by…

6 Skills you need to master Social Media

Social Media managers can tell: their job is constantly in flux. Switching between multiple hats is now part of their routine, from marketing to customer services to sales. Consequently, this diversity of tasks requires to mastering an assortment of different skills! However, what ever the type of skills you need to develop, be conscious that they might take time and effort to master. Some of them can be technical such as programming and copywriting, while others might be already part of your personality traits and easy to exploit (let’s say… being organised!). As an expert social media company in the industry, we have identified 6 skills that can be trained and that are essential to the success of any social media manager. #Creative As you probably know, social media constantly involves visuals, mostly since posts with images get 84% more clicks through! Therefore, having an eye for creativity can be very…

6 Tips to Improve your Facebook Page

Nowadays, the use of Social is really inevitable for any business or Brand out there. Whether you are a local or international company, the majority of your audience is already on Facebook so knowing how to target them can be crucial to your company’s success. Nonetheless, every company is now making use of Social media, so how can you present yourself better in order to attract more engagement and leads? For most of us that advertise on Facebook, Edgerank is a term we are referring to quite often. It is the cryptic Facebook algorithm that decided which posts appear (or do not appear) on your news feed. Increase ones Edgerank will effectively assist in increasing ones Facebook page visibility and hence it is crucial to get a clear comprehension of what it entails and how it works. Here’s a good graphic that breaks it down: But what does all this…

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