A simple guide to writing effective Tweets

There is a lot of advice and experts floating around on the internet about how to make best use of Twitter. If you’re running a business, starting a blog or simply using social media for the first time, it can seem overwhelming and a bit confusing. The fact that it can also be very time consuming is certainly an apprehensive factor to making use of it too. Fortunately, there are some simple, foolproof ways to make sure your tweets are fully optimized, especially when you’re sharing your personal or company content. In this guide, we cover the best steps we use at CFM Group to craft effective tweets, from wording to publication. Let’s have a look shall we? Type of tweet It’s a good idea to have a variety of tweets touching on a variety of subjects in your chosen industry. Offering something different keeps your followers interested and looking forward to…

4 Metrics to Measure your Content Marketing ROI

Content marketing is a long term strategy for most companies and it is consequently sometimes a bit more complex to measure the return. Success indicators commonly include obvious markers such a Website Rankings, Conversions and increased traffic. Nonetheless nowadays, a clear comprehension of Social Media channels is also key to any brands’ success. Indeed the above are all useful but to conduct a pragmatic and successful evaluation of ones Content strategy it is important to take all contributing markers or factors into account. SEO, Social Media and Content are interconnected and hence interdependent. Like in most industries, it is almost impossible to define or measure success by only considering one of the above. To get the big picture, look beyond the hard lines and into the softer science of social signals. That’s where you’ll find your reputation…and what you may need to work on to improve sales. Let’s get the…

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