How to Use Facebook Search

How many of you were aware that you can search on Facebook? Not your friends name or can literally search People who liked a page, hashtags, pages and much more to help you get a better understanding of your competitors work, search potential clients and seek pages you find interesting. Even though Twitter has a specifically set, advance Search bar, Facebook does not offer anything other than the “Search Facebook” bar in the top left hand corner. So can Facebook assist you in reaching  your social media marketing goals and if so, how ? I personally extensively use the Facebook search and was also a keen user of the “Facebook Graph” or “Graph Search” as I used to call it which was rolled out a few years back by Facebook and launched in the US. I specifically remember reading a variety of very interesting articles on its potential use and was quite…

Snapchat “Ad Manager” now Available

Snapchat, as announced a few months ago, has officially launched its self-service ad-buying system, which was originally rolled out with 20 brands, including smaller players like online sneaker seller Goat, social app Mammoth Media and gift retailer Hollar. Called Snapchat Ad Manager, it is now available to all Business users in the U.S., the U.K., France, Germany, Australia and other countries for companies of all sizes, marking a significant update for a company and platform that so far only used to allow big brands to make use of its vast pool of users. Marketers of all stripes can buy the app’s vertical video ads, called Snap Ads, with an aim to drive app installs, garner branded long-form video views or prompt e-commerce click-throughs (swipe ups, in Snapchat lingo)to their website or ordering systems. Ad buyers will be able to manage video creative and first-party audience data—like email lists and mobile app IDs— and leverage the platform’s…

5 Steps to handle Social Media complaints

The “Rise of the Social Media Complainer” (or moaner) as we like to call it in the office, is clearly evident for all to see with astonishing results sometimes. Who can forget the astonishing story of the Twitter user who gained instant notoriety but more importantly loads of free pizza (for a year) by effectively forcing Three and O2 to start a social media war with each other. Social media has changed the relationship between brands and their fans dramatically. Today customers increasingly expect companies to quickly answer questions and queries via social networks such as Facebook or Twitter. What is more, it is now considered common practices for users to leave a review or complaint on TripAdvisor, Yell and recently Facebook reviews. Customer service nowadays has become quickly responsive and open for anyone to see. Customers expect a speedy, effective and empathetic resolution to their complaints and companies need to be…

3 Ways to Improve Customer Experience

The modern marketplace has swiftly evolved the past years and brands and companies understand that consumers are no longer satisfied with just a good product or effective service. Customers are far inclined to “buy into” a brand or concept if the whole experience is seamless, consistent and customised to their requirements. But achieving the above is a lot harder than it seems and maintaining – some argue – could prove even harder. I personally work with over 35 hotels and restaurants in the UK, establishments to which customer experience is a key aspect to their success. I am hence often asked for advice or tips on how to improve customer service and overall experience. So let’s have a look at 3 key elements you can customise to your customer strategy and I can guarantee you will see some real improvements to you reviews and feedback and consequently – sooner rather…

5 Golden Rules for choosing a Company Name

Entrepreneurs often angst over the perfect name for their business spending significant time and money as finding the appropriate Business name can be a long-winded and stressful process.  It ideally needs to be a name that is not only long-lasting in your audiences’ memory but also representative of your skills, expertise and competitive advantage. When researching business name ideas, start-ups need to be meticulous and careful for both marketing and legal reasons. Let’s have a look at some interesting points, I would strongly advise you take a look at prior to choosing a name for your Brand or Company. Rather than listing a number of different factors that could influence your decision, I have chosen to list 5 Golden rules when choosing a company name. S.U.C.U. Rule First and foremost, I would follow the S.U.C.U. rule. This is a rule I came up with and created myself whilst still a student at university (surprised…

5 Tips to Improve your Customer Service

I am a strong believer that “A satisfied customer is the best business strategy of all”. Not only does it provide assurance that you have assisted your “fan” in receiving or acquiring the service/product they required but they also become the best advocate for your brand. Remember however, that when it comes down to customer service, surveys show that a negative experience is shared a lot more often than a positive one. Customer service is a key aspect to customer retention.  Arguably, one of the most important actions a brand can take to improve its relationship with its customers as it is this experience they will remember when purchasing a brand. With the sudden emergence of social media, many brands and companies have swiftly moved their customer service to their respective accounts so as to ease and speed the process. Offering unparalleled customer service will help your business stand out from competition…

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