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Nicholas Kalavas – CEO CFM Group

I am a social entrepreneur, passionate marketer, career + life coach, consultant, speaker, and community builder. I not only provide 1-on-1 coaching for non-profit organisations and SME’s but also on a larger scale as Founder + Managing Director of CFM Group. 


I am an internationally recognized strategist, coach, speaker and in the process of writing my 1st book. Possessing over 13 years’ experience in helping clients realise their potential through clarifying their vision, message and market to design the strategies and roadmaps needed to succeed, Marketing is my passion. 


Utilising this extensive background in strategic planning, pitch and message design, marketing and communications, executive and speaker coaching was my pathway to founding My knowledge was fundamental in building the company with an investment capital of £1 and a large social impact community and professional development hub in Cambridge, UK.


Former Trustee and Marketing Director for Emmaus, a nationwide charity. 


Learn more about Emmaus by clicking here and please DO get involved with them in any capacity you can, they are an amazing charity.


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In his spare time he keeps himself motivated with a variety of hobbies and interests. Apart from his work with established charity Emmaus, he enjoys marathon running, football, chess, puzzles, gardening and off course mentoring friends and family in any conceivable way.


Feel free to comment on any of my blog articles that interests you or message me directly at ! I will make sure to respond to all emails I receive whether it is a simple question or a more elaborate query so do not hesitate to drop me a line. 


I am off course always open to suggestions on improving it as well as news you would like to hear about so don’t forget to give me your ideas too. 

I sincerely hope you enjoy my blog and it provides you with insightful information in the Social Media and Marketing world.


Fellow Member of the Institute of Sales and Marketing Management (ISMM)

Master of Arts in Marketing and Innovation.

BA Hons in Business Management

HND in Business Economics

Cambridge University & Michigan University English Proficiency degree


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