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Are your Marketing claims realistic?

08 Mar Are your Marketing claims realistic?

When a company develops a marketing plan they usually want to convey the idea that they are the very best at what they do. This is natural for many business owners who work very hard in their industry and want all that positive recognition and the business that comes with it. Are we really being realistic when we call ourselves the very best though? Might there be other companies that are bigger and maybe even better than us? This is very hard to admit for some but it is the reality. We can’t all be the best at everything, this is just common sense. The ability to admit this has it’s advantages though.

The value of a genuine and authentic marketing plan

Once you accept the fact that you might not be the very best in the industry and you aren’t perfect you can be much more genuine and authentic with your customers and this is something many people truly appreciate. When you can have an honest conversation with a client or customer about what can potentially go wrong you are developing a great deal of trust. Obviously this needs to be done carefully and tactfully as you don’t to scare them away either.

Connecting with your audience in a real way

Think about your own interactions when you consider this strategy. When your deciding on a service or product are you more interested in a product that makes wild claims about being the absolute best or the one that is modest by establishing that it is a quality product but at the same time being honest about it’s limits and capabilities. Consumers are smart and they can recognize claims that are not realistic. You want to be honest but also confident. You know you have a great product or service or you wouldn’t be in business and you don’t want to downplay that. You just want to be honest about your limits and capabilities. Being realistic and genuine will pay off in the long run.

Honest business practices have advantages

When you claim that you are the very best in the world and have no limitations you are setting yourself up for failure. These bold claims will probably bring in customers but when expectations aren’t met you are going to be dealing with complaints and bad reviews that will hurt business in the long run. An honest and open relationship with customers will keep them coming back even if the occasional and inevitable error occurs. Honesty really pays in the long run and it’s just the right way to go about business.


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