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Apprentice Month at CFM Group

03 Jul Apprentice Month at CFM Group

We are pleased to announce the extension of our Partnership with Anglia Ruskin Alumni and happy to welcome Lola Feldman to our team at CFM Group ! It has now been a week since Lola resumed her apprenticeship as a Digital Marketing Apprentice.

Lola is very new to marketing and hence her main focus for the moment is to get to grips with all types of marketing, like learning about Social Media, Analytics, Content Marketing and more which she is really excited about.

This social media and digital marketing apprenticeship involves using communication and creative writing skills to engage with people online.  It’s an apprenticeship based around how companies use Social Media and digital technologies to market their business.

We work with a number of companies in a variety of industries as well as clients’ marketing departments directly meaning that Lola could be working on just one product or business or for a whole host depending on the day.  This does not only provide her with the opportunity for growth but also an insight into a variety of aspects we deal with here at CFM Group !

Coming through Anglia Ruskin University who we closely work with (As I am also an Alumni as you can see here)  we were looking for a graduate that was forward thinking, has a creative flair and a proven ability to write content suitable for blogs and websites. Lola achieved a First degree in her BA (Hons) Business Administration which involved a number of courses such as Sustainable Transformation and Environmental Practice, Strategic Brand Management, International Supply chain management and Employment relations.

We hope you’ll join us in welcoming Lola to the team and feel free to contact her directly at !

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