Nowadays, the use of Social is really inevitable for any business or Brand out there. Whether you are a local or international company, the majority of your audience is already on Facebook so knowing how to target them can be crucial to your company’s success. Nonetheless, every company is now making use of Social media, so how can you present yourself better in order to attract more engagement and leads?

For most of us that advertise on Facebook, Edgerank is a term we are referring to quite often. It is the cryptic Facebook algorithm that decided which posts appear (or do not appear) on your news feed. Increase ones Edgerank will effectively assist in increasing ones Facebook page visibility and hence it is crucial to get a clear comprehension of what it entails and how it works.

Here’s a good graphic that breaks it down:


But what does all this mean in simple terms? I have tried to add a brief summary of each variable that affects the equation be fore I focus on the 6 tips you can use to improve your page. After all, working on promoting your Facebook page with a clear understanding of Edgerank would really be a big waste of ones time and a lot of unnecessary effort being put in.

  • Edge – An Edge is effectively each post you publish on your page
  • Affinity – Affinity measures and demonstrates the level of affinity ones page has with its targeted audience. Hence, the more often a fan or user has engaged with your page (like, comment, share, etc) the higher your page’s affinity with him is.
  • Weight – Weight represents the number of engagement a post has had. It hence measures the “popularity” of a post via the amount of interaction it is achieving. Consequently, in order for a post to have significant “weight” it needs to have as many like, comments and shares as possible.
  • Time Decay – Time Decay is the simplest variable on Edgerank. It represents the time a post was published and focuses solely on how recent a post is. The newer the post, the higher its Edgerank.


So let’s now focus on some simple steps that can help improve your company (or personal) page and how they can be done.

  1. Increase number of Likes

There a number of ways you can increase the number of likes and it is also linked to many of the below. Carefully target your ads or promotion, invite all your fans that liked your posts to like your page and also invite your email contacts (no more than 5000 per day). The more fans you get, the more chances you have to build your affinity with each one of them.

2. Post Visually appealing, Quality content

This is directly linked to the above. It is vital to not only post regularly but also provide your fans with useful, informational posts that they want to read. Make them visually attractive and respond to any comments or queries. Posting great content will improve your affinity with your fans as they will click on your posts to read and hence value the content. What is more, it will enhance the weight of your post as by achieving more clicks it will rank higher.

3. Schedule posts at optimum times

The Time Decay factor is something very difficult to influence on Edgerank. All posts will eventually “get old” and go down the order within 12-24 hours.

Actually, a study was published by Optimal and reported on by AllFacebook, which claimed that if ones content has not gone viral within 3 hours, it might as well be discarded. Nonetheless, posting every 3 hours is equally counterproductive for your page so the best one can do is identify the optimum times of posting for his fans. Once you are able to establish this, schedule your posts around these times and also always try to explore other time periods that could potentially get you maximum engagement.

4. Host Contests or Competitions

Engaging your fans through a contest is a great way to get more Likes on your page and create a buzz around your brand hence improving your affinity to your fans. Not only will you reach a greater audience but you will also increase participation consequently actively engaging your community and growing your business.

5. Create a Custom URL

Claiming a custom-branded vanity URL for your Facebook page gives your page a professional, branded & easy-to-share URL. It also makes it a lot easier for other users to find you so make sure it simple, clear and represents you in the right away. Ideally, try and make sure all of your Social Media are consistent with that URL (see our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages below as an example)

6. Customize your Page Tabs

Facebook now allows all users to customise their Facebook Page’s tabs by clicking on the Page settings and then “Edit Page”. You will then be able to re-arrange your tabs, remove the ones you find unnecessary but also add Tabs that you consider useful via the Facebook apps menu. There also a number of external providers. Have a look at the photo attached below as an example and make sure to showcase ONLY the tabs you consider crucial to your business.

Conclusively, there are a number of ways you can promote your page without necessarily having to spend a large budget so give the tips above a try. Ads can be somewhat ineffective and costly so make sure to get a clear understanding of your audience prior to making extensive use of them. Focus on improving the 4 main variables that affect your Edgerank Score and your page will inevitably rank higher, improve its engagement and hence drive more customers or leads to your website.  Let us know which ones work the best for you or if you also have some recommendations.

As a Managing Director of CFM Group, I manage a number of different Personal, Brand and Company pages so do not hesitate to contact me if you require any advice or training on Social Media.

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