On the average, 80 million photos get uploaded on Instagram daily, and this is why you must ensure your Instagram strategy stands out from the crowd. With an ever-increasing user growth and high brand engagement rates, it’s clear that Instagram is becoming an increasingly valuable social network for marketers in all industries.

In this post, we will take a look at five ways to take your Instagram strategy from good to great.


Instagram is a visual social network, and the first place to begin upgrading your strategy is upgrading your imagery, and every image you upload should be a part of a cohesive visual experience- maintaining consistency in style, composition and colour.

Whether your brand is boundary-pushing, rugged, wholesome or family-focused. Your visual style is key to conveying what your brand stands for. This consistency ensures that when a photo appears in a fan’s feed, there’s instant brand recognition.


One thing which is common to all accounts that have climbed towards Instagram fame is quality photography.

With over 40 billion photos on Instagram, no one has the time for a grainy, cluttered or dark photo. Given this, you will need quality photos whether you are taking them in a batch or individually.


Keep your fans engaged with a varied content mix and an easy way to do this is to divide your content editorial into content buckets which ladder up to your overall brand story.

Creating a mix in your Instagram updates ensures your followers stay engaged and not get bored. In doing this, you must realize that although variety is great when it comes to content types when it comes to your content cadence, a consistent publishing schedule is necessary, whether twice a day or five times a week.


As of 2015, 70% of the most used hashtags among the 100 leading companies were branded, and this number is rising as more companies are trying to fit on the fast-growing network.

Branded hashtags help create community among your fans and is a perfect way to encourage and consolidate user-generated content.

Branded hashtags don’t have to be limited to the brand name. You can create original hashtags relevant to imagery which moves beyond product-specific callouts and seeks to attract a wider audience by displaying the lifestyle ethos behind the product.


Hashtag overkill is akin to the infamous art of keyword stuffing which once gave SEO a battered reputation.

Stuffing hashtags is a surefire way to appear spammy, but it doesn’t mean you should be shy to use hashtags. Hashtags are an important part of the Instagram ecosystem as they are the easiest way to find content tailored to your interests.

Hashtags can help grow your community, increase your engagement and grow your followers. Instagram allows as much as 30 hashtags per post, and for most brands, the practice is under 10, and one study found seven to be the optimal number.

When it comes to using hashtags you have to do some thinking, as going with popular hashtags will push your images to the bottom of an ever-increasing pile. This is where niche-specific hashtags come to play as they allow you experiment with your brand engagement by bringing in both trending and unique options.


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