Unlike most of the popular social media platforms out there, Instagram does not have its analytics dashboard for users and brands to track engagement and effectiveness of their posts.

Luckily, there are tons of analytics tools out there which can be used, with some of the best even free. With that said, the five best Instagram analytics tools you should look to utilize are:


Instagram’s native analytics tool is free although it requires you turn your Facebook profile into a business profile. It works with a simple four-step process which once complete gives you access to Instagrams insights. This analytics tool will give you access to the number of business profile visitors and the number of post saves. It also includes data on the number of times people use the Send message option on your Instagram story.

You can see the performance of your Instagram ads on this analytics tool or do so in your Facebook Ads Manager.

These insights can be viewed only on the Instagram account on your phone and the insights available only for content posted after conversion to a business account.


Iconsquare is a paid app for businesses looking to monitor the competition. The app provides Instagram analytics for community and engagement and helps identify the most important influencers in your field.

The app is particularly useful for identifying hashtag data which includes hashtag growth, influential posts using a few hashtags, and more.

The app also allows users add a custom Instagram page to their Facebook page to increase cross-channel engagement. Iconsquare also has an embed feature which allows users showcase their Instagram photo gallery on their website.




If you are looking to present high-level summary of your brands Instagram account you will want to check out SimplyMeasured’s free Instagram user report.

SimplyMeasured is available to Instagram accounts with up to 25,000 followers, and users can expect to receive a comprehensive two-month report which presents analytical data like average engagement per photo, most active followers, keyword analysis for comments, best time to post to receive engagement, best filters and locations, and so much more.

If you require a free report, then this is probably the best you will get.


Union Metrics has both free and paid options. The (free) Instagram Account provides a handsome, easy-to-use interface. At a glance, it shows you the number of posts you have made, followers and following, and the best time to post. You can also see your most active followers, top hashtag, number of interactions, and top posts.

The subscription version offers more particular information which includes profile analysis, profile analytics, and hashtag monitoring.


This app is commonly known as the marketing “sidekick,” cutting down on time spent on social media. After analyzing the accounts, it suggests relevant content for you to post but it’s quite low on actual analytics, but if you are looking to keep your Instagram account alive with minimal effort then Crowdfire could just be what you need.


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