Social media marketing is one of the most effective forms of marketing and while there are those who will stick to the rules of the game there are others who consciously or unconsciously may engage in unethical marketing strategies aimed at exploiting loopholes and trick clients to trick through and get increased metrics.

Google has been combating such strategies for years, and Facebook recently introduced a News Feed Algorithm to reduce the amount of spam content. Below are four notable digital marketing tricks which every marketer should avoid.


Generally, video content generates more response than any other on Facebook so it makes sense for businesses to consider how they can tap into videos themselves. With the increased use of videos, some marketers have found a trick which allows them to gain the to the advantage of a video without actually uploading a video content.

Well, Facebook has reeled out a strategy to crack down on the misuse of video where static videos would likely fall, and it’s likely that use of static videos would at some point come under Facebook’s microscope and if it does you would be driving a significant amount of traffic from Facebook which affects their business.



One other strategy employed by sneaky marketing strategists is uploading fake live videos to get their clicks rising. In fact, in 2016, five of the top ten Facebook live streams were static image posts.

This is why Facebook recently rolled out their News Feed Algorithm tweak in August to automatically detect and restrict the spread of static images posted as video.

Also, posting pre-recorded videos and uploading them as live is unethical and Facebook has begun taking steps to remove these false live posts as soon as they come up.



This is another interesting click-luring technique which has grown in popularity where a piece of piece of picture editing is left on the picture to get visitors to click on it or swipe.

It is an interesting tactic which would inflate your tactics somehow and the people swiping through the edited image may not be actually interested buyers- and will be simply annoyed by the trick.



This one is somewhat clever. It involves posting tricky names on videos to trick users into thinking they have more views than they have. This is a trick which wouldn’t have a long-lasting effect on people will catch on pretty soon, but if you are looking for a few taps (unethically), then this is one way to go.


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