The marketing department of any organization is tasked with maintaining existing client relations and providing more client relations. Members of the marketing team are the frontline soldiers of any organization; they must thus be up to the task.

Certain components of human resource and skills make an effective marketing team. The marketing team of an organization should include creative thinkers, strategic planners, witty spokesperson and a coordinator. This article highlights some of the essential positions that should be on an effective marketing team.

Team manager

The ideal marketing team manager should possess a few the characteristics of every other member of the team in addition to leadership skills. This is the person that takes the ideas created by the team to the board. The team manager is also involved in the creative process of developing marketing campaigns.

Personal attributes of the team manager should include attention to details, high intellect, ability to manage others and an entrepreneurial spirit.

The creative

Creativity births all marketing ideas. A creative person is, therefore, an essential part of a marketing campaign. This person thinks of and develops creative marketing campaigns based on products and service. The creative personality of a marketing team should be able to create out-of-the box-ideas that are relatable to consumers.

Depending on the size of the organization, there could be one creative person or a team of creative persons with roles subdivided. The creative(s) should possess critical and strategic thinking skills, excellent writing and interpersonal relationship skills.

The tech

Today, technology is involved in marketing than more than ever. The tech of every marketing team is responsible for all the technological aspect of marketing. The ideal tech person should possess technical skills such as SEO, web management, web design, and content management. Although organizations outsource the technical aspects of marketing, an in-house tech personnel is always a great addition to the team.

Apart from technical skills, the tech personnel should also have a creative bone and be able to take on creative tasks when necessary, especially in firms where the teams are not subdivided.

It tasked great minds to develop engaging and compelling marketing campaigns. The hiring manager should ensure that the marketing team is a great fit the culture of the organization. Members of a marketing team must understand the goals of an organization and translate it effectively. An effective marketing team should be a combination of wits, brains, and creativity.

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