Looking for a way to publish efficient content and improve engagement?  Brilliant! With an exponential number of consumers desiring to connect and engage with their favorite brands, getting a creative and attractive content is the key to keep them interacting on your pages.

But how are you going to improve your social media strategy? The good news is, this article will provide you amazing social media content ideas that will actually encourage likes, shares, comments, and clicks on your post.

Based on our experience and expertise, we have selected three relevant tips that will make your posts beautiful and enticing.


#1 Enhance your Blog Posts

Blogs are highly efficient to showcasing your knowledge and sharing advice. Ranked as the 5th most trusted source for accurate information, blogs will allow you to positioning your brand as a leader and an expert in your industry.  You will be able to provide expert solutions to your audience’s problems.

An easy way to promote your blog is to share its content on your social media platforms by including an image. It will complement your text and therefore, increase exposure and engagement. In addition, when choosing your social media networks to promote your blog, make sure you’re using the one that corresponds to your audience. For instance, LinkedIn is geared towards professionals whereas Facebook is more family and friends oriented.


#2 Use Inspirational Content

Everyone loves inspirational quotes, they are motivational! That’s the reason why inspirational content is successful on social media. Sharing  quotes that corresponds to your brand’s personality would spread a positive image and would tell a lot about your values. That’s a nice a way to allow your audience to get to know you better!

As images are highly efficient in terms of views and engagement, we would strongly advise you to use them as a back ground for your quote. Keep it simple! For example, you can use the same template for your image quotes and use Canva for that purpose. It is an easy image editing tool for designing your template and adding your text.

#3 Manage Customer Reviews

Since  88% of people trust online reviews  as much as personal recommendations, testimonials are very efficient tools to your strategy. It proves your online community that what you’re doing is working! That’s an effective way to gaining your followers trust and making them  try your product or service based on other’s positive experiences. This is what we call user-generated content. The more reviews are affirming your brand, the more likely people are to respond and engage in your posts. Therefore, try to share them on your social networks as much as you can!



Considering the increasing number of  businesses using social media, coming up with new and fresh content is the best way to stand out from your online competitors. Hopefully with this article, you will now be able to create better engagement and buzz on your images. Make sure you post consistently to generate leads, traffic and sales for your business.

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Nicholas is a social entrepreneur, passionate marketeer, career + life coach, consultant, speaker, and community builder. He does this through 1-on-1 coaching, non-profit and businesses consulting, and on a larger scale as Co-founder + Managing Director of CFM Group. He is an internationally recognized strategist, coach, speaker and in the process of writing his 1st book. Possessing over 13 years’ experience in helping clients realise their potential through clarifying their vision, message and market to design the strategies and roadmaps needed to succeed. Utilising this extensive background in strategic planning, pitch and message design, marketing and communications, executive and speaker coaching was his pathway to founding www.CFMGroup.co.uk. His knowlegde was fundamental in building the company with an investment capital of £1 and a large social impact community and professional development hub in Cambridge, UK. Feel free to comment on any of our articles that interests you or message our CEO directly at Nick@CFMGroup.co.uk ! We hope you enjoy our blog !

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