In this age, it is not uncommon for clients to find out about an organization or business from social media. There was a time when word of mouth and face-to-face networking were the most important marketing methods for businesses. Social media changed that trend. Businesses have thus invested in their social media presence, almost every mid-sized organization has a social media manager.

Even in business to business organizations, social media presence influences growth, and networking opportunities. This article highlights some of the reasons why businesses should pay attention to their social media presence.

Better client interaction

Social media is that place where boundaries are removed. On the social media page of a business or establishment, clients are more comfortable to talk about product or services, even more than they will be when talking with a customer representative. Social media analytics also allow businesses to know more about their client demographics. The information gotten from the analytics of the different social media platform can be used as a tool for a better marketing strategy.

Also, social media allows businesses to develop personal relationships with clients, especially businesses that render services. Customers love to feel like an organization cares about them instead of their money. Through updates, retweets, feedbacks, and tags, personal relationships with clients are developed.

Stronger brand identity

Social media presence strengthens the identity of an organization. Clients interact with a brand that has a stronger social media presence. Updates on products, services, and innovations are constantly made on social media by the biggest organizations. Even Facebook makes announcements on Facebook.

The more a business engages its clients, the better the rapport and ultimately the brand identity. A lot of clients find it weird that a business is not on social media.

Enhanced competition analysis

Social media platforms are also great for finding out what a competitor is doing. Even though there are general business practices in the different fields, social media allows business to survey specific practices used by competitors. The insights gotten can thus be used to create a unique business approach.

Some of the business practices which can be gotten from social media are customer engagement level, product launches and quality of service.

Conclusively, the use of social media is essential for PR, marketing, and brand identity. Investments made by organizations into their social media presence will produce returns in customer feedback which results in better turnovers.

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