With over 150 million active users, Instagram is one of the most popular social networking sites in the world, and the platform is an amazing opportunity to get the word of your brand out there. But with so many filter-obsessed photophiles out there, how can you stand out and get the needed followership?

A great way to getting people to follow you is with the quality of your photos, and while it may be riveting seeing that you enjoyed your meal represented in a blurry over-exposed picture, it’s not exactly riveting content on an Instagram feed especially since several thousand other persons are doing the same thing.

However, if you show users something awesome- or probably something not that awesome but interestingly- there’s a chance you would show that you are someone worth following. Below are 11 tips for taking photos that not only get you noticed but allow you have fun in the process:

  1. START RIGHT- First decide on the camera you will be using to take your photos. The regular Instagram application only allows you take one picture so you would probably need to use a photo application that comes with your phone or an app from your phones app store.
  2. STEADY YOUR PHONE- It’s important you take a clean, steady picture especially when you are taking a picture in a low-light environment. Rest your elbows on a solid surface or use a tripod to take pictures; this way there will be no sudden movements which will distort the picture.
  3. WATCH YOUR BACKGROUND AND FOREGROUND- Taking pictures spontaneously is cool but when you intend these pictures form a part of your Instagram identity, it has to be a conscious and deliberate process. Remove anything from the background which doesn’t represent you in the light you intend.
  4. TAKE A BUNCH OF SHOTS- Take as many pictures as possible so you can select the best from the lot.
  5. TRY NEW THINGS- Experiment and do something different with your shots. Blur your pics on purpose, arrange things differently, try new angles and get inspiration from other accounts.
  6. STRAIGHTEN IT OUT- Some pics may come out horizontal so you can use the grid feature on your camera app to straighten the horizon.
  7. SAY NO TO ZOOM- Zooming in is a big NO. Your camera lens might be great, but it’s not as good as the lens which the National Geographic photographer users.
  8. BE WARY OF FLASH- You might be taking a pic in a not so bright area, but a flash is still not the way to go. Your camera flash will likely leave a part of the picture looking over-lighted, affecting the picture quality.
  9. TAP THE SCREEN WHERE YOU WANT IT TO FOCUS- Hold down on one area of the group to lock the focus and try an interesting effect.
  10. DON’T OVER EDIT- The clarity tool on your phone can make your photos seem like they were over edited or even begin to look low quality so don’t overuse the selective blur.
  11. BREAK THE RULES- Taking a good photo is not where it ends Keep going at it and having fun along the way.


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